1. Try watching vertical videos on that monitor, Pornhub and redgifs has a lot

  2. Did you steal the cat in the hat's hat? For this filth? Shame.

  3. So nice and creamy, hmu if you want a jerk off buddy

  4. Phones in North America are also typically subsidized through contracts. I technically have a $36/month tab for the iPhone 11 I gave my mother for Christmas back in 2020 but I pay literally $0 of that. If I wanted to terminate my contract I'd be on the hook for the remaining 9 months @ $36/month but if I stay they will pay it off for me.

  5. Wait u pay 0? Won't they send u into collections?

  6. Hey can you upload all your old vids to erome and/or make some new ones? k thanks bye. love you

  7. what a greedy little cunt, had to get off didn't even matter where you were

  8. How about we make some content for your onlyfans, I'm in md haha

  9. Yes more of this please, fuck and masturbate in the church next!!!

  10. lol the apple doesn't fall far from the tree

  11. No you just want to be a little tease, why don't you play with those tits for us and fuck yourself the way you want to be "raped" make it nice and hard.

  12. oh I'd do much more than just fuck you for one of those, how far do you want me to go? the levels I'll stoop have no bounds

  13. pinch them and slap them, make yourself useful instead of just standing there

  14. Fun fact: After this she went to the sex shop and found some random dude and gave him a blowjob while fucking herself, let him cum all over her, then she went outside and waved at a random car and gave that guy a handjob and let him finger her. I don't mean something they set up, it was literally just a random car they waved down.

  15. bruh you look great, you could do some really cool things with those scars, you're giving me futuristic body hacker vibes. I'm glad you're healthy.

  16. why don't you start edging and slap your cunt every time you get close?

  17. make sure to copy the whole thing? or remove the https maybe idk. are you on mobile?

  18. its still up for me, let me give you her ph profile, could be the country you're in.

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