NFP Can Really Suck - A Rant

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  • By - obyq

  1. She was a vessel. Water is not the glass. It's not the pitcher that poured it into the glass. It's the water regardless of the vessel.

  2. It cannot un-consecrate his marriage. I have no idea why his parents wouldn't help him because years ago you were in a wedding.

  3. It's everywhere. Not even a conspiracy anymore. Look at the Commonwealth Games Ba'al Ceremony.

  4. So, how does this lead people to believe she is a Satanist though?

  5. Basically everything she does uses satanic imagery?

  6. I think that there were pre-existing civilizations (hence the people in Nod that Cain went off into to marry) but that the Garden of Eden is the story of the Jews.

  7. I don't think so. I think we'd be living like the elves in LOTR at one with nature. I 100% believe that technology is satanic "magic". It always destroys the environment, causes waste, is addictive, and creates a class system.

  8. I don't want to cancel anyone. I want us all to wake up. He can worship satan, himself, Kylie, IDC. If people woke up to what they are doing then there wouldn't need to be a canceling. We'd just ignore them and put our money and our energy towards people making an actual positive difference or change in the world.

  9. The word you used was "provocative". What are you trying to provoke?

  10. Kanye is obviously going through some things. You can tell he's about to snap out of paranoia and I can only pray for him. He's saying things poorly, articulating poorly and is afraid.

  11. I understand your sentiment and maybe if Kanye had actually phrased it this way, then this would be more of a conversation rather than a cancellation.

  12. Does Kanye strike you as someone who is mentally well? I look at him and Britney Spears with the same lens. Her Instagram is her waving back and forth at the same angle, eyes that looked like she rubbed out 6 layers of mascara, or her dancing half-naked with her weave showing.

  13. Yes, so we should bring our family home to the comforts of home instead of leaving them on the street searching for answers in a dangerous and cruel world.

  14. I don't believe a bunch of hillbilles coordinated these attacks. I believe they needed to tip a purple state blue.

  15. So the science they are teaching everyone in school is that the farther from the sun, the cooler things are. Hence why the poles are colder.

  16. Back in 2014 people felt Biden was an Old School Democrat and didn't think his son was a cracked out kiddie diddler.

  17. You know what else really sucks? Sexual immorality. I'm a single mom. I didn't live a godly life. I lived according to the rules I thought made rational sense and still claimed to be a Catholic Christian.

  18. I swear some people in this sub are fucking braindead. I am by no means a vaccine supporter but the vaccine does not stop transmission. It *reduces* how ill you become and how severe the symptoms are for each individual.

  19. We know it doesn't stop transmission. We also know that they have no idea of how it reduces the symptoms, either.

  20. Read Book of Revelation. That's all I'm saying.

  21. Walk around dressed like a nazi, get dealt with like a nazi.

  22. He's not saying he would wear a Nazi shirt ffs.

  23. Ask any of us or our families who are from the former Soviet Republics and they would say "YES' but all the tankies in the US seem to think they'll get communism right the next time so they refuse to say its bad.

  24. I could write a book on why but instead I would suggest subscribing to Biblical Archaelogy and then doing a search on Mary Magdalene and "fragements".

  25. You meant to put this in Ask Christianity. This sub is for Christians to interact.

  26. Yes. No evidence that he murdered anyone. But pedo isn't enough to give the true conspiracy theorists a hard-on anymore - they need a snuff story too.

  27. Reread what you posted. You were extremely crass about the painful, frightening rape of children. "Simple pedo"..."hard on"...this isn't an "Oh well kids were raped" type of thing unless we have completely lost a moral compass.

  28. u3vk says:

    You have no idea how fast I skipped this essay of yours. Touch some grass loser.

  29. And yet found time to comment in all that skipping...

  30. u3vk says:

    It takes less time to reply with a single sentence you moron

  31. And no time at all to ignore things you truly find stupid.

  32. But please keep voting for socialists...they're the ones who claim to be "for the people" while still taking their cues from the elites. It's a way of keeping you quiet while they plan what they are going to do with you.

  33. Absolutely not. I listened to Fauci testify before the Congressional subcommittee that the vaccines didn't work and that they have had an adverse effect on the immunity of the patients. He admitted they were wrong. Now, they forced that on people without absolute certainty (which at the time they claimed) and more harm was done than good.

  34. To6y says:

    Since long before the vaccine existed, Fauci and others like Birx were clear that there were/are no guarantees about the vaccine. The message that "viruses mutate and you'll probably need boosters, just like with the flu" was especially clear.

  35. Again, going to disagree and I'll use mostly video so the full context is available and I won't use any conservative sources just C-SPAN, ABC, CNN, NYT, etc

  36. I think that Jesus would understand man's desire to create a thing of beauty because he put it in us.

  37. Priests don’t live in churches, but they sometimes live next door to the churches in the nicest homes in small towns.

  38. The "nicest" homes in small towns? I live in a rural area. Our priest doesn't have the nicest home in town and neither do pastors. When I lived in a big city the priest had an apartment.

  39. I tend to let my friends have unpopular and crazy opinions, too. I realize that 50% of everyone else has a litmus test so this is a strange concept for some.

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