1. I have the exact same piece 35.0cd exactly! (Other stats are a bit different 5.4 cr, 23 def, 4.1% atk, but still twinsies!)

  2. ‪关嘴巴. stop trying to use Chinese culture to shop incest. I’m so fucking tired of it, it’s not cool, it’s not true. it’s never been socially acceptable in China. There’s even a saying that basically goes don’t marry people with your last name, bc even if you’re not actually related it’s fucking weird. -Sincerely, a first Gen Chinese American who’s SO tired of the fandoms BS

  3. Ayato Yae kazuha healer, between the three of them they do amazing damage that’s excellent for big mobs(like ruin creations) and bosses. Hopefully when baizhu is released he has good dendro application and I can have him permanently in the healer spot 🙏

  4. Feather and goblet are really nice, just work on leveling him and his talents (skill>>>). Artifacts can be a huge pain, but just keep slowly doing the domain when you have nothing better to do with your resin. It’s a fine start!

  5. I’m praying I get his weapon 😭🙏🙏🙏 I really want it, I have everything prepped and am near pity but I’m not going to go fully through the fate points as I’m f2p. I have both him and ei but would much rather get Haran so hopefully just this once I’ll have good luck…(I’ve lost my last 4 50/50s, 2 of which at 80)

  6. 315 and 74 pity on 50/50, but I’m f2p and saving for a litany of characters(Haitham I want to go until 50/50 for, shenhe I’ll budget if I can get, dehya and baizhu are must havs so I want to have enough to guarantee them during their banners) so I’m just going until I get him c0. I have decent weapon banner pity but since I don’t have nor plan to get itto I’m either going for ayato’s(as an ayato and raiden haver) or dehyas just because I want to spoil her.

  7. So we(non cn server players) will be getting og design + redesign? Ngl imo this is a win for us as it gives them the ability to show their growth with character design and we get both. As much as I hate the ccp, as somebody who’s family is from hk, this is kinda a win for global players if you want a glass half full perspective. As long as his hair and face are the same I’m down, esp bc (though I’m sure it won’t happen) it gives the opportunity to have a traditional redesign like Ming or Tang dynasty clothing which I think would fit him + also make cn fans who have been asking for a traditionally dressed character for ages happy(though they’ve wanted a fem character in hanfu).

  8. We might NOT get a skin because he didn't have a playable skin before. I hope they don't do us dirty when they reskin him but it could definitely happen!

  9. I don't get this hate towards the AI, who's in fault here is the guy who decided to purely steal the art.

  10. Yeah and that ai “art” is composed of stolen art, it’s not the ai that made it. Without art being taken without consent and fed into those bots it would not exist, it is supposed to be a tool for artists to reference ai is not and will never be an artist itself.

  11. Elemental dmg is always better for DPS 👍

  12. I don’t understand the Chinese comment. Are the cookies actually Chinese or is that an assumption based on the creators of Devsis?

  13. They’re assuming bc it’s an Asian company. But the funniest thing is devsisters is a Korean company.

  14. why do they have colorism problems? “pale” skin people HATE asians because of Covid. And when they tried to come into America after the world war the “pale” people straight up made laws to prevent them from doing stuff and would be racist and not offer them jobs and would hate on their cultures, made fun of their accents and not using english, and most commonly their eyes and pale skin tone.

  15. Colorism wasn’t inspired by the west in East Asia. We don’t want to be white people. While in certain places colorism was inspired by colonization, a lot of both EA and SEA+SWANA colorism is caused by social hierarchy. Rich people/people in power don’t go outside, poor people worked outside, so rich people/people in power became pale and the general people want to look like them. The pale beauty standard has existed from way before white people were even introduced to us.

  16. Imo there’s nothing wrong with her. Tbh for me she’s an amazing asset along with being attractive. It’s just she didn’t add much new things to the meta, and her playstyle is ‘clunky’ to some. Imo she’s a priceless asset to my account esp this abyss with the ruin serpent, because she clears that thing with ease. I run her with ayato, kazuha and a healer, and it’s a super fun team that clears content easily using 2 ‘underwhelming’ characters and kazuha.

  17. Laughs in yae haver, for me ruin serpent is actually one of the easiest bosses using Yae-Ayato-Kazuha (and then qiqi as a healer bc I built her out of spite). Though I do think overall because the only one who really can easily defeat the ruin serpent is yae is unfair unless it’s on yae’s banner where abyss is tailored to benefit the banner characters.

  18. I do it for the cryo domain daily, and I clear it in 30 seconds which is way better than my previous average. Bennett Q, Xiangling Q E, Kazuha Q E, Heizou Q + NAs to stack 4 without holding skill(+ activate my solar pearl passive) and the E. Usually that’s enough but sometimes I do an extra kazuha E and everything is dead, + everyone’s ults are recharged by the end for my team. I have yet to try it in abyss bc I completed the abyss before finishing my heizou, but since everyone on my team is stacked with ER I think it’d work well there for me too. I’m glad other people are finding and playing it too!

  19. If you want constructive criticism(bc I know it’s not always wanted) I’d recommend either going 4pc vv full em or em/em/crit with a moderate crit ratio for an electro charge/overload team or focus fully on MDPS 2pc any set with +18% atk/2pc vv using atk/anemo/crit. As well, Getting at least 60cr would be optimal and have more damage over time. On a complimentary note, that sands is amazing esp if you have a melt ganyu or smth, and that goblet is priceless for any anemo DPS I’m jealous. GL on your pulls and artifact RNG <33 have a great day, I hope I was helpful. In general if you like it, use it though

  20. Thank you for the help! I’ll definitely take this into consideration :)

  21. First image Aka 62.9k, but sometimes 70k? On a slime he did 70k solo so idk what factors effect it. Same team, just no shield bc I don’t need one for a slime so idk

  22. Looking perfect 👍🏼 you can try to higher up the crit rate a bit more and sacrifice a bit of you crit damage.

  23. Because I have him c6 I have an extra 16% cr on his skill at full stacks so I don’t have as much of an issue. 81.6% cr total if you add it

  24. They genuinely do not care about „western“ opinions

  25. No bc cn players don’t even think they listen to them. They don’t care about their players. We’ve been asking for ONE just one hanfu inspired outfit and never got one. 🥲. The cn community says they listen to the jp community and I’m sure the jp community says they don’t care about them either

  26. That should be your red flag. CN so far up their ass they blame JP lol.

  27. I’m p sure it’s just hyv doesn’t care about any of their fans until they get backlash that’ll affect their ratings or income(when they have more than enough money rn LOL)

  28. I just think it’s sad, I’m mostly happy with the Chinese rep as a Chinese-American player it’s so nice to see a not stereotypical version of my culture and I truly hope that for other cultures. The whole possibility of orientalism + so many pale characters is concerning. If they actually pull off the Persian empire idea with barely any flaws I’ll believe in them again but if not it’s so disheartening. I wish I could be more proud of my country but so much is ruined by mainland propaganda(including pushing colorism and racism) and being fetishized by the west.

  29. Pls be tan pls be tan. I want hyv start sumeru off on a good note or else Twitter will have a riot, and honestly I don’t blame them, the places they’re taking reference from has some pale people but not all, not majority. And melanin adds so much flavor.

  30. But is this really better? Or is it just from your build with a Cdmg circlet being worse. I use a 4* weapon(fish) with atk%/phys dmg/cdmg and my highest is 757k, totally f2p build c0, crowned burst. With having Eula’s signature weapon +c2 and crowned burst you should be doing significantly more than me, if you had a decent build. You don’t show your crit ratio(and I’m not going to calculate it from the artifacts bc I have no time for that), nor an equal comparison build but with a cDmg circlet so we don’t actually know if it’s better at all if it’s only better for your possibly lacking other build. I could nearly guarantee that switching my build to atk% would give me lower damage than my current cdmg circlet build.

  31. Nice. Who’s the 4th slot for you most recently? Mona? Benny? Yunjin? Venti?

  32. Usually yae for extra dps and pretty privilege. Bennett is being used for my ganyu melt team usually. When the abyss isn’t great for eula(like the last one we had with all those abyss mages) I usually switch to ayato hotpot

  33. Gotcha. I usually either run Beidou for extra AOE Dps/shield or Lisa for TTDS/defense shred. Maybe Benny boy if he’s available

  34. Yeah I plan to eventually build lisa(bc she’s c4) but I’m stuck in other domains rn, so I just have her ascended for her def shred talent and will build her later

  35. More crit rate(aim for 55%) and slightly more em(sim for 200). Just for v basic advice. Biggest thing would be changing your circlet when you can, and seeing if you possibly have some other cryo dmg cups you can level just to see if they are good, but your current one isn’t bad, just lacking other useful stats except crit dmg

  36. 1 off piece(have on piece but substats are all trash) and 2 on set it took me 2.5-3 months of straight farming. I have a 1k em iron sting build with 1.3k atk and 136% er, and a 989 em build with 1.4K atk and 155% er.

  37. I got way more amazing DPS pieces, high crit flowers and feathers, a great crit dmg hat(atk%, er% and 12%cr) a great cr hat(er%, em, 26% cd). My DPS build is 2.1k atk, 87/204 crit ratio, 198em, 110%er

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