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  • By - k_buz

  1. And I am only using 2 displays max, but have also tried just using 1 display at a time. All the display port ports work, but the HDMI port is essentially dead regardless of which monitor/cable or combination of the two

  2. Sundaeswap is supposed to handle the distribution of the RISO tokens by themselves. I haven't heard anything about their plans, but it will happen eventually.

  3. How do we bridge to/from Milkomeda? Do we use Flint wallet to send to Milkomeda? There is no option to bridge back to Cardano mainnet in the Milkomeda Unwrap Bridge. Why didnt you announce any of these details?

  4. I’m trying to understand why people are mad at Megan. Like how is she at fault for any of this? How is she a liar?

  5. Basically everything she has said was at least partially untrue, and even her best friend at the time said she was lying. All the evidence the public has at the moment makes it seem like Meg's friend was the one who pulled the trigger.

  6. I don’t know how anyone can take anyones side. Tory can’t win in the court of public opinion so his only option is to let the justice system play out and stop talking. And Megan is clearly not being 100% honest and is using the “Protect Black Women” angle which is disingenuous cause there is definitely Black women who deserve justice and have been failed.

  7. Right thing to do would be to put a gag order on Meg too. She is nonstop talking about this, probably as a tactic to get Tory to talk. Looks like it worked.

  8. Yeah I understand, but that doesnt explain why it is 0% when I connect my wallet.

  9. I've been seeing these same 3 errors myself this evening. I figure I'll just try again later, but it would be nice to get some info on what these particular errors mean.

  10. I have the same problem, i came here looking for a solution :(

  11. Ice acting like he has some amazing nuanced perspective to everything is so annoying. Like we get it bro, you are a pessimistic man-child who acts as an appoligist for any hipocrisy associated with your views. Even with Dough Boy admitting that drill music causes more crime, Ice still is like "no, the killing happens regardless." Dude is like a less famous Amademiks, just comments on street shit he has never been a part of from the safety of his PS5. Also he has no concept of actual rap, dude really hyped up Durks trash album over Benny and Conway.

  12. If sexual preference is just that, and not representative of personality, values, or character, then why would you want to live in a community with other LGBTQ people other than increased sexual options? Seems like you are self limiting your experience to avoid difference in opinion. Most of CT is very progressive and LGBTQ friendly, anywhere in Fairfield county at least.

  13. 50/50, I was able to make a swap, provide liquidity for 4 pairs, and stake LP tokens to 2 farms. It was not "easy" or quick, but it wasnt terrible (better than SundaeSwap launch). I have been trying for hours, however, to stake 2 of my LP tokens to their yield farms, but keep getting an error message that makes no sense.

  14. Why are both Yoroi and CCVault telling me that "Mainnet is offline?"

  15. Imagine making a post about Metaverse shit when you dont even know what it means. "metaverse" does not mean video game lmao

  16. I mean she isnt wrong is she? What she said is 100% accurate. I hate this bitch but just cause you disagree with her doesnt mean you should attack everything she says, even the correct stuff. Yall are war mongers.

  17. I mean she was literally the victim? Weird take.

  18. Polygon is a sidechain of Ethereum which means that you can transfer funds via smart contracts between the blockchains and the blockchains use the same Virtual machine(Ethereum Virtual Machine) so contracts that are made for Ethereum main chain can be run on polygon(Not sure if some minor changes have to be made). Polygon makes checkpoints on Ethereum to inherit some of its security. The polygon sidechain is run by a separate set of validators with different security guarantees, you are giving up some security for the scaling you get. The sharding part of the Eth 2.0 upgrade will improve the security of polygon since it they can make checkpoints to Ethereum more often.

  19. As far as I understand there is no way to move funds from one blockchain to the other without using a bridge. There is no native interoperability between the two. As it is now, ETH basically acts as a "backup" for the state of polygon's network.

  20. I’m saying this person is hindering a protest that is being done in a much more fair and civil way than what’s happening in ottawa. If you’re going to have a convoy protest, this is the way to do it. Don’t close streets or fuck with peoples sanity. This person should be in Ottawa counter protesting there, instead of creating a problem here where there is none.

  21. I love how people who dont even live in Canada are downvoting a literal local with firsthand experience just stating his opinion...

  22. Doesn’t jive with what people are being told to think… pretty used to it by now brother

  23. There is no first in line in bad traffic. It is like a wave rippling down the road, caused by people not having perfect reaction speeds and the reality of car physics.

  24. really caused by people watching the car in front of them, rather than several cars ahead. Reaction time is irrelevant if you are reacting to something several cars ahead (e.g. if you are stopped, and car 2 cars in front of you lets off break, you should let off break). Instead people wait until the car in front of them is moving to even start taking their foot off the break, and we get the accordion effect.

  25. At least have a second person you trust (ideally with spousal immunity or something of the sort) memorize it. Memories are extremely fickle and fade with time or even a reasonable amount of drug use.

  26. Coinbase is always the slowest, look to Kucoin or FTX if you want variety. But I wouldn't expect any Cardano native tokens being listed anytime soon, and after that it will be a while before there are any listings other than SUNDAE, WMT, and maybe ADAX or something.

  27. It's not hearsay. A witness can testify that a victim told the witness his name was "x". The truth of the matter asserted isn't "was that victim's name", it is "is that the name victim gave to witness."

  28. So are you saying it isn't hearsay because it is not being offered to show the truth of the statement, but rather just to show what the victim said the name was?

  29. That's how I read it, yeah. Obviously you know more about the actual context.

  30. This particular context was prelim, and in this state you need a victim name, and they objected, so we did "John Doe." Thanks though, I agree with what you said for the most part. Just a pain in the ass that there isnt any definitive caselaw on it.

  31. This how you turn pedophiles into serial killers...

  32. Nah, because it is the victim's statement. It isn't against his own interest to identify himself. Thanks tho.

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