1. Where are you going ? Kinda depends on that too. Like out of country ?

  2. Puerto Vallarta but like mainly staying by the hotel and visiting some more of local town

  3. Bars. It’ll be awkward, but just ask the bartender…. If nothing, go to a different bar and repeat.

  4. You just sound anxious man, don't do fent unless you have a massive tolerance or know your body and how it reacts to opioids

  5. I’m not a first timer but as far as strong ass fent I was just wondering how I should’ve dealt with the nausea, I just relaxed n yacked when I needed to. It was alright but I’m fs not gonna be doing fent again.

  6. And Oo shit I jus realized this was from like 9 hours ago!! My bad! Hope you ended up ok!

  7. Woke up recently , it was wild night lmao I’m good on fent. Had a nasty nauseous nod n threw up a bit to let it out but I’m all good 💀

  8. Dude, he’s asking for James 1984 hair, not CC Deville’s 1988.

  9. Lmaoo that’s just how I mess with my hair n it looks like a shorter version of James’s 84’ cut. I only use the curling product since my hair isn’t naturally wavy like his.

  10. I’m waiting til the start of the next school year to try lmao

  11. Depends on the airline you’re flying on but I believe most US carriers don’t require anything special after 14 years old

  12. What about from Nevada to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico? If I could fly alone would it have to be with adults permission and them being there?

  13. I think the only problem would be at customs. You would have to double check that they don’t have an “age restriction”. It does look kinda suspicious for a minor to travel by themselves to Mexico if you look at it from a security standpoint (devils advocate)

  14. Mastered it by being master of all withholders - google that it, some Freudian psychology for ya.

  15. Is it jus during seshes? If you go to a lot of concerts could be early tinnitus and gets worse when all your blood vessels are going ham from blow

  16. You think I should go to a doctor? I’m guessing coke would make it worse fs lmao but yea I go to a lot where it’s loud as fuck

  17. I thought heating the dish made it a little stronger. But not feeling any difference.

  18. It makes it a cleaner hit n more powdery which sticks to ur nose better= more absorbing= more high.

  19. Honestly get tired of that numb feeling especially after a long night of cleaning residue, that’s where my teeth start feeling sore and my lips feel weird for a couple of days

  20. Never gummed, 95% I snort and probably 5% have put in my hole

  21. Whatever can be snorted to get that good absorption… will be snorted! No wasting here

  22. Doesn't it absorb water if left in a container like that? It's super humid where I live, couple hours out like that and it's soup. Any tips?

  23. I live in a desert, never really have humidity problems. I suggest using a glass vile or anything that’s sealed. If you want to risk it using a not so sealed container you can place those humidity absorbing bags or rocks I’ve seen in your stash.

  24. Mainly Jazz III and those red medium Jim Dunlops, depends what I play. What about you?

  25. If you are a dishonest moron, you could try.

  26. Yk if there’s security by each section of seating or if they have entrances based on ticket checks?

  27. Holy fuck i combined them and its way more then I thought it was

  28. Fucking hilarious, I’m the same way every time I pour some for “just one skinny line”

  29. Fuck it im going all in one big one up both nostrils

  30. The goal is to not get the drips, if it drips down to throat it’s wasting some of it. Snort lighter so it stays in the naval cavity

  31. Makes sense. I’ve been taking thinner lines for absorption and preventing a stuffy nose but man, I miss the drip lmao

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