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  1. Pollinators help keep you fed, call a professional and many will move the hive for free as they will sell the bees.

  2. This poor privileged elitist doesn’t even want to admit his act of being deceitful at a confirmation hearing has empowered others to do the same thing now, nice work beer boy, Americans will be in legal jeopardy now for another 50 years.

  3. “Score politic points” sorry MTG but the American people dislike your maga policies and most of the desperate morons Maga elected, your trump trash revolution will not be allowed to do more harm to Americans by attacking us anymore.

  4. Pit bulls and bull dogs ok, you missed the point, put food in front of most dogs and they get excited, sorry, they just are.

  5. I’m still wondering why Tucker is allowed to spew his garbage on television.

  6. Because our federal government and the congressional branch have been corrupted by power and greed bandits that call themselves MAGA.

  7. Hey moron, this isn’t a children’s team sport, you and Russian sponsored Fox need to stop already, your bs propaganda is past old already and btw it’s getting innocent Americans killed, morons

  8. Hi good looking, why is your left foot erect?

  9. I’m pretty sure anyone else in a similar position doing what he did would be on their way to club fed already.

  10. Musk uses his tool of $ to manipulate and make more, it’s like capitalist fusion, once these greed driven elites hit an ignition point, they always do damage and end up spreading hate, the financial success equation, no thks, I’ll choose to keep my soul thks.

  11. Does no good to confront rudeness, best to just move away from it.

  12. Republican elite leadership don’t care about people dying from lack of obtaining medical care, they care about their wealth and themselves while calling themselves followers of Christ, masters of hypocrisy.

  13. Yes, how do you feel about older guys and younger girls?

  14. Very sexy, wat town is that, looks interesting

  15. After you sit on my face bby, ladies first.

  16. Extensive financial penalties based on number of years since they’ve known they were deceiving the general public so that they could profit on us, these are profit bandits obviously as history has proven.

  17. George Santos and trump will really pipick no one because he better be under indictment very soon.

  18. Senator Whitehouse and Governor Newsome

  19. That makes perfect sense in a world where right wing media would actually care about the facts of the case. They won't though. They just want the talking point that Trump did nothing wrong because Biden. Now they have it.

  20. Exactly, so convenient and suspicious. This is an elitist bipartisan government looking out for its own at the expense of American taxpayers.

  21. That was as quick as I’ve ever seen the DOJ take public action. I’m sorry to say but I smell a hoax. None of the elitist government officials, making $ on American taxpayers, want to further discredit their system of public manipulation, so they have concocted a scheme to publicly neutralize it, then the criminal elite can continue to do as they please to us.

  22. Education. A course in critical thinking. Maybe a statistics class, ethics and simple logic with common sense. The desire for truth and reasonable thought. But how the hell you build a society with this knowledge is beyond us.

  23. Unless you’re defamed and or experienced a loss because you can prove the lying person was intending to hurt you, otherwise liars will be a lying.

  24. The skier is actually leaning forward on their skis here.

  25. It looks like he's leaning backwards to me, which if i remember correctly isn't optimal. I also do that though

  26. Yea I believe that’s the camera angle, it’s hard to lean forward and b filming

  27. They don’t really want to be self defensive, look at their faces, they want to shoot something, anything.

  28. Seems gentle went out as overt capitalism set in.

  29. Take your wife to the ER for an upset stomach, watch her writhe in incredible anguish over 6 hours in front of a bunch of nurses and security guards who just give her water, blankets and a wheelchair. Then just as she finally sees a doc, she dies.

  30. The best medicine in the world in America, but available only to the elite of the world and the US government, the rest of Americans help pay for the infrastructure that heals the sick, the elitist sick that is.

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