France24 correspondent heckled and verbally assaulted by Israelis in Jerusalem for speaking Arabic

*Lowers face into palm*

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  1. And of course it’s not available in my country…

  2. What game version are you on? (Top left in multiplayer window)

  3. The sad truth is, it will never be resolve unless you lie to both Is/Pal children that the other guy is good and then let them grow believing those lies.

  4. Nah it’s not lies. The lies are telling the children the other side is bad. Most people on both sides just want peace. The ones who teach their kids to hate are those who spoil it.

  5. Yep it’s a circle with no end in sight. And it’s sad that so many people take sides “because it’s right” and don’t even realize they just fuel the conflict. Just like BDS boycotting SodaStream even though half the workers are Palestinians.

  6. While they’re assholes, she was reporting from the scene where an Arab terrorist blew up a remote bomb and killed a teenager and wounded 12 others. It’s expected some people are gonna take it out on all Arabs.

  7. I think you need some devilish metzizah bpeh?

  8. You want to suck my mouth? I love you too I guess.

  9. I’m glad people from all over the world see where their beloved iPhones are made and by whom.

  10. And their Sonys, Nintendos, Google pixels, xiaomi everything, and more.

  11. “Let’s kill all of the Men, Woman and children of this country that kills children!”

  12. Why are there downvotes? Does everyone love their big ugly time on their lock screens, really?

  13. Personally I do like seeing the time without having to focus on small text, especially with the always on display. However more customization is always nice to have.

  14. Where was the photo taken ? What are they flying over ? There aren't many wetlands in Israel (it looks like a wetland).

  15. The new map in Israel is actually still in testing and hasn’t been released yet. When Apple’s testing the new map in a new country, they make it available to a small portion of iOS users completely at random (I think there’s around a 5-10% chance you get it). It still hasn’t been released yet and holds the record right now for the longest testing period for a country getting the new map so far. What your dad was actually using likely wasn’t even the new map, and if it was, it’s an early version of the new map which hasn’t been released yet

  16. I kinda screwed up the story. I had the new map on my iPhone 14 pro while on iOS 16.1 beta, and then I told everyone how great Apple Maps are gonna be. Once I updated to another beta (maybe it was release candidate?) The map reverted to the old thing. The story with my dad happened on his iPhone 14, but I now even when the new maps will be released I don’t think he’ll trust them

  17. Are you sure he had the new map? And even if so, it’s in testing. It’s been in testing so long they’ve actually started testing another region before releasing this one. There’s quite a chance they’re having problems with it

  18. Nono my dad never had the new map, just me. Btw, since it seems like you’re knowledgeable in the field, do you have any idea for how long it’s been in testing? I have heard of cars with Apple branding and 360 cameras driving around a few years ago, but only in June they’ve announced the new maps are coming to Israel in WWDC

  19. Original Instagram post with story

  20. Many people hate Mia Khalifa’s antisemitic ass

  21. ההנחה ברדיט היא שאם מישהו אומר משהו הוא מבין בזה.. /s

  22. ואם בפוסט היסטורי שלי יש הרבה תמונות של כסף זה אומר שאני עשיר? אל תשחק את עצמך משהו שאתה לא ראית תמונה ראית שתי מושבים אמרת שזה מטוס f15d סתם זרקת את זה אחי אל תנסה להיות מקצוען

  23. לא אומר שאתה עשיר אבל כנראה שאתה יודע לזהות בין שקל לשנקל יותר טוב ממני

  24. There's literally a skeleton crew now on the carrier decks.

  25. Oh damn I didn’t realize that 😂

  26. I think the home button was still treated as a hardware button

  27. No, with the phone 7s button, the home button didn’t respond to anything when it is off

  28. When off completely sure, but how was it force restarted? With the home button? Or like the new iPhones with the volume buttons?

  29. What happened to 3D Touch? Why would they remove that? 🥺

  30. Probably because people didn’t realize it was a thing, and Apple couldn’t make it intuitive enough. Most people I know who had a 3D Touch device never really noticed it unfortunately. I loved clicking the flashlight button like a real button, but every time I tried to explain my friends how to use it, it just didn’t click for them

  31. I still don’t understand why they couldn’t just have kept the feature as it is, for those of us who like it. It’s not like they need to reinvent it every time they release new software, so it shouldn’t cost them anything.

  32. It’s there. Either that or Haptic Touch is much faster on my XS Max than on my 14 Pro Max

  33. Agreed with completely I am american and I am positive and friendly and smile because thats how I actaully feel inside and regardless even if I didnt its pro social behavoir your more likely to have people like you and help you if you behave like that.

  34. I also try to be nice to everyone, but the American kind of nice sometimes feels threatening. I just prefer people to be direct, and not hide what they want behind a smile. Your last sentence sums it up, that you were taught that people help you when you are friendlier. That’s not the case in Israel for reasons… don’t imitate us though, because being a nice person is always appreciated everywhere, but don’t be afraid keeping things to yourself. We value directness very much here.

  35. If the walls are PCB, maybe make one of them an antenna? That way you don’t need to worry about blocking the signal because it’s outside of the ‘cage’

  36. אמריקקים לא יודעים לפרגן

  37. אבל השאלה האמיתית היא אם יש לו טוסטר משולשים 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  38. אחי תתקדם, טוסטר משולשים זה ישן. היום כולם עברו לטוסטר משולשים.

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