1. I’m talking specifically about win ratio, which everyone usually falls between .5-.53… I don’t think that’s a conspiracy theory or coincidence. I don’t think there’s anything sinister enough about this to constitute a conspiracy theory but maybe I’m missing something.

  2. That happens cause of skill based matchmaking.

  3. Can you point me to the statement on not matching based on pokemon? Bc I’m not sure how they are giving recommendations if not based on who you are going to be facing.

  4. https://pokemongolive.com/post/devdiary-march2022-gobattleleague/

  5. And to undermine your great effort in this guide, I found the guide to do it with old physics enabled.

  6. Google is your friend, found this within a minute.

  7. Sableye is far from a super bulky pokemon its the typing and moves that make it great.

  8. What do you mean mean by "get by"?

  9. Are there any YouTubers or steamers that have gone autorekt to legend? I’d love to see that. I’m sure they’ve hyper curated their storage, but it’d still be amazing to see

  10. I think agentavocado did it before.

  11. OP record some of your battles and post them here.

  12. I feel like you need to actively do stuff wrong on purpose in order to achieve such a low winrate...

  13. I do not believe this post, sounds like a troll... 25% winrate with real Pokémon? No way.

  14. The pillar infront of the road to the safe fin felt weird, its already slower, why punish those who cant make risky even more.

  15. I mean you don't have to run legendaries at 50.....

  16. I would like to disagree about gyarados being a good pick. You never see it in level 40 nor level 50 master and there is a reason for that. It gets outbulked.

  17. Plenty of times on factions teams that get wins

  18. Are you comparing an open meta with a restricted meta?

  19. Wouldve loved to have a gps or at least some explanation, as a beginner this wouldve be greatly appreciated. Didnt understand why I sometimes started flying to the moon.

  20. Looking at Div 1, they don't seem to know either.

  21. Makes me feel better that div 1 was a shitshow too, they were respawning like there is no tommorow.

  22. Veteran should be leaderboard right now, I just stopped playing after hitting it, not worth continuing right now.

  23. It depends on the attack stat of the pokemon. This is not the same as the attack value for the IVs by the way. With two of the same mons, the higher attack iv one will attack first, but between two different pokemon, it is completely possible for a 0 iv attack mon to still have higher attack than a 15 iv attack pokemon (the case for both your examples in fact)

  24. How is this possible if it's the same Pokémon? Like for example, in the Medicham mirror, a 0 15 15 IV vs a 5 15 15 IV, shouldn't it have priority the one with the 5 attack?

  25. 6/13/14 medi has higher attack than 7/15/15 to make an example with your chosen pokemon.

  26. I don't think it's that good. Taking SE from ice, water and grass isn't exactly doing it a favor...

  27. You have to remember it not a proper game as such, so try not to take it too seriously.

  28. Such a comment can only be from someone who doesnt know much about pvp and is not doing well in gbl either.

  29. I've never said it's league or Dota but that doesn't mean it takes only 10% skill.

  30. I'm probably biased because I have all previous poses but I always enjoy seeing someone with an early rank 10 pose "ha, this trainer is in this for a long time too"...

  31. Thats less than you spend with a pirates in half a turn...

  32. A lot of quests would only take 1 turn to complete if you get then turn 10 and are running the right build. But no one is spending 75 gold when you start with 6, which is the turn you get the quest. And if you are somehow spending 75 gold in a turn on turn 4, AND running Zeph as your hero... pick a different quest?

  33. Imagine not getting the joke... but nice paragraph you wrote there.

  34. Randomness is a tricky thing. I’ve been tracking my XL candy walking for almost 400 XL candies now and even though I have almost exactly 75% yield in total it’s amazing how skewed some periods are. My record is 22 straight XLs and worst has been 2 out of 13. So with 1/3 good, 1/3 neutral and 1/3 bad leads it’s no big deal to have a streak with 15 games without a good lead.

  35. "it’s no big deal to have a streak with 15 games without a good lead"

  36. Yes i have. It’s roughly 0,2% (0,6715 ), don’t know how you count. Add to that the other information that it was just a feeling that everything was hard countered and it’s quite realistic to have three sets in a row with 0-5 if you play badly when you get those good leads.

  37. Op wrote they get hardcountered, a neutral lead isn't hardcountered.

  38. There are very few pokemon that get away with one chargemove without drastically decreasing their effectiveness, double chargemoves is an absolute must have.

  39. This gives me hope. I am at a 68% winrate. Hopefully won't be destroyed at rank 19 tomorrow. Skipping the ELO-hellhole (the 2100-2300 range) would be a blessing.

  40. If you ended high legend last season there is probably a good chance for that to happen.

  41. According to you, what win percentage do you need to gain +20 in ELO every day?

  42. Increasingly more the higher you are at rating wise.

  43. That’s not really possible and the main reason why you don’t see anyone leaving the rest behind in ELO, but instead you get a slow general rise on the leaderboard.

  44. Have you ever been on in the top 10?

  45. This is neither special, requires any skill nor is related to pvp at all.

  46. No that does not exist you are just experiencing a confirmation bias.

  47. Ok fair, in that case if both shields are expended against medi sand tomb will be needed (absolutely no reason for coffin to throw shadow ball in 2 shield scenario)

  48. Medicham still wins even if it shields both sand tombs

  49. How? Assume we start the fight with medi, this is the double ST bait scenario

  50. Alright Im done, you are skewing the result in favor of runerigus and Im sure that you are doing it on purpose.

  51. Because you could deny and not die to a fast move then throw a second move? Because you could transfer fast moves to another Pokémon? Because the entire alignment of charged moves changed over night? It’s fine that you prefer the game this way and think it’s more fair, but it does a disservice to that argument if you pretend the game didn’t change greatly over night.

  52. Alright so you could get lucky with bugabusing and get to a chargemove that you shouldnt get to. That is not a good thing nor something that should be happening during the world championships.

  53. To your first point, gameplay was different and it’s only a “bug” now that we have a solution. For a long time it was just the way things were and many people adapted to it. Not about abuse, the person you were speaking to originally told you that the game changed over night and it did.

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