1. The whole conversation is about they want everything to stay as it is or instead buff weapons, and perks, etc. and they want to enjoy the game like normal/casual players. There are far more casual players who just want to enjoy the game, not like the esports players (they can relearn the weapon handling in a short time).

  2. But this 'problem' is there in every shooter multiplayer game.

  3. Give it till 1PM EST. It should open up then IIRC. Everyone still playing is still early access

  4. And where did they say/indicate this? Twitter, Reddit or ...?

  5. I have the same problem but still have not found a solution. Only disabling or uninstalling plugins (or whole Betterdiscord) works. Some kind of "Hot-fix" was released a few days ago, and since then everything has gone wrong.

  6. If I enabling or installing them (plugin) the Discord crashes immediately.

  7. I tried to update, uninstall then reinstall (multiple times), I restarted my computer and still have this issue.

  8. Why did you spam this twice with different titles

  9. I posted the same thing again because I got the message that it was deleted. But I see it has become available again.

  10. Yes, there are achievements on Epic Games, but not on all games (for now).

  11. I don’t think they’re going to give away NBA 2K22 for free because they gave NBA 2K21 last year.

  12. Did you have that since update yesterday? Had also some problem yesterday that Frames dropped sometimes half from 140 to 70-72 without any noticeable reason. A rejoin to the lobby helped sometimes but problem came randomly back. Will check next days again.

  13. I don’t think it’s because of the yesterday's update because I've tried to stream before. But there may be something in what you say.

  14. I guess I found the problem. The nVidia in-game overlay was turned on.

  15. Not a stupid question, no it just checks the Windows image to make sure there isn’t any corruption.

  16. I tried this commands and the Sophos, but none of them worked. Maybe a software causing the issue which running in the background (I guess), I don't know how to find out.

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