1. If you are min-maxing, a high roll bramble with all the other gear you described will have a huge effect on your damage especially in higher player games. If you are only doing p1 then enigma will be the way to go.

  2. There's a big difference between 'music theory' and 'music literacy' but the two topics are often conflated, creating this frustrating mindset

  3. For one, I would recommend a Razortail for physical Bowazon builds.

  4. i thought about this a lot, but if i give up the nosferatu, i'll need to find another source of life leech, and I'll have to invest 15 more points into strength that i could otherwise put into dex. My pierce % is over 70% right now without razortail, doesn't feel too terrible

  5. If you want to structure it like I did, take one Raven Frost off. That leech should come from one ring slot.

  6. Gotta find that perfect LL dex and ar ring :). And yeah, I never even considered war Travs - great idea!

  7. I started ladder with a physical bowa and it absolutely slaps. Currently hovering around 7kdamage for strafe, and I don't have a fortitude yet. I can clear chaos in about 3minutes. I'd say it's definitely plenty viable and the only expensive gear I have is Faith and Windforce

  8. This is objectively the best armor base for a mercenary. The only thing you don't have going for you is that it's pre-socketed. But seriously, this is amazing - congratulations. Don't let it go for anything less than 5 bers - I bet if you wait a bit you might be able to get even more.

  9. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure 1035 is the highest possible sacred armor, eth+Max superior. The lowest possible eth sacred armor is 730. So your roll here is extremely unfortunate and I wouldn't waste a Lo rune on it! Sorry for your loss!

  10. I would correct one of my students but I wouldn't correct a random person

  11. My bowazon currently hovers around the 5k max for strafe without even close to perfect gear and without a mercenary, here's what I'm working with:

  12. Do you see them drop mostly from boss packs and chpions, or from the super uniques and bosses? Or equal. 50 is a lot!

  13. Lionheart will be pretty great while you look for that pul rune

  14. I'm dumb , I said pul instead of lem. Eternally embarrassed!

  15. To get 20minutes of game time in before I have to go to bed for work in the morning.... Strange timing for ladder release!

  16. I'm going to level with exploding arrow and then swap to strafe in late nightmare, or whenever I get a kuko or witchwild

  17. Bone necro. I won't be able to magic find well end game I guess, but it's the class I know the best and is the class I think 'is' the best in terms of abilties and skills. I'll definitely be able to level it the fastest and enjoy playing it the most.

  18. Loved my bone Necro this past ladder. Absolutely fantastic bonespear+ampdamage+corpseexplosion=profit. Can magic find anywhere!

  19. +1 to teleport. +2-4 all skills. Would be so amazing.....

  20. What's faster, asking the question on Reddit and waiting for a response that will probably just roast you, or asking the question yourself and looking for the answer on Google/Bing/blizzardofficial/etc etc etc

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