1. The only way to get this would be if the Pokémon was caught in a gen 1 VC game. Then traded via in person with a second DS (you can not use bank like the other poster said) to a gen 2 VC game. Then moved to bank. Then moved up to home. The idea that someone would go to all that trouble to move a Pokémon around on the day they caught it then immediately trade it around to someone else is unlikely. It is probably hacked, but other then those indicators there is nothing clearly hacked about it as it is not impossible just so improbable.

  2. Well thank you for the information. At least it's not something like machamps,com

  3. Idk who would do that and give it away but it can be legit

  4. Well thank you for the extensive information, I'll just use it in Shield

  5. You'd have completely maxed legendaries in no time which completely bypasses the stupid XL candy system, which is gonna be a big nogo for niantic

  6. How so? :o Pogo stamp mons must stay within HOME to retain the stamp, as pogo stamp cannot be regained, and levelling therefore must be done through the native pogo system.

  7. Ahh I misunderstood. I thought it needed the go mark, not only the go staml

  8. Just FYI shiny Go stamped Mew is one of the most sought after Pokémon

  9. Sorry to disappoint you, but without switch online there's no way of getting shiny Eternatus without a code. It's trade locked in home

  10. tbh your deck is anything but suited for bridge spam. You have 1 defensive ground card and you have to rely on bats to kill the pekka but they're gone as soon as they play a support card

  11. I like the idea, but it can't kill anything but Skeletons and Bats, so it's a full on garbage cycle card

  12. I mean zap and snowball can only kill skeletons, bats, and spear goblins too (unless I'm forgetting something) so for one elixir it's not bad

  13. Killing spear gobs is one extra utility, they all have extra effects (stun for zap and knockback+slow for snowball). Also they have a much larger effective area. If a little knockback/interruption was added it would probably be an alright spell

  14. Do you have anyhthing to trade for it? or is this just give u one cause I might consider trading a zacian to you

  15. What do you want in return? I don't have many special Pokémon I could list up. I do have a shiny Eternatus code though

  16. An eterneus code might be nice for you have any mythics? If not I would trade u zacian for eterneus

  17. You should get a newly hatched zoea and try to get him into the void implosion radius, that would be the optimal & ultimal punishment

  18. I think I would agree with you if the codes weren’t limited to certain countries. In the UK we recently got the legend22 codes. I think it was one of the first times we ever got anything like that, most of the time you can’t get the codes outside Japan or the US. A code like the Shiny Eternatus, if I can’t trade for it I can’t get it. The people who get multiple ones are the only ones willing to trade them out. I traded for one recently. So it is a benefit for places like us if people can get multiple ones.

  19. I agree on most of your points, but there are enough nice people who give away spare codes instead of trading them

  20. Yeah that is true. I just think if you want to definitely get them, you have to trade for them or buy them off ebay. Can’t necessarily rely on a giveaway to get them.

  21. Yeah that's true. But people who sell them on eBay are just the biggest scumbags of all

  22. Except if you play Drizzle+Command+Sacrifice+Swarms. Then it's gonna look different

  23. Did Anakin and Ahsoka ever have a relationship that extends the Master - Padawan relations?

  24. The nerfs strikes right into the heart of the current meta. Finally I don't have to worry about these garbage ass level 16 cards anymore

  25. Hands down R A S C A L S. They might get countered by half the card and maybe even more on offense but on defense they are GOATED (with the exception of wizard bowler and exe) and they have pretty solid dps. I just wish they could get some love, maybe a boost for a season

  26. I think it's fine. Given that the victim didn't take him to court, you probably only know he did that because of him, and thats a sign if him changing. Plus I know from studying my local sex offender registry that most sexual assaulters aren't repeat offenders. Idr the exact percentage but I think it was like 80 to 90 percent of sex offenders werent repeat offenders, so I think its fine.

  27. No offense but I wouldn't wanna risk it for the 10%. Getting raped or offended is a traumatic experience nobody should have to experience

  28. That's fair. Plus thise statistics are only for my state, so it could be better or worse elsewhere. Then again everyone complains about how shit our sex offender registry is all the time because of the low repeat offender rate, and yet I think we have one of the largest sex offender lists in the USA. I think anywjere that doesn't have detroit as a city is going to have better stats than here

  29. Bro it's not about the statistics it's about the individual situation. I don't think you would want to put yourself in a situation where you have a 10% chance to die, even though the statistics prove that it's 90% safe

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