1. How much money did he just make Ancer? No wonder he hurried over to watch lol.

  2. The team battle for 3/4 and even 1/2 down the middle stretch of that final round was intense. What a finish for Ortiz.

  3. Buddy he straight up apologized for tearing Sage’s guys stuff up (I hate it for his guys) but said he was tired of being used up. Idk what you’re watching.

  4. Just because in someone’s head they think they deserved it, doesn’t make it right or wrong. No, that’s not a lie. Go back and watch his interview with NBC lol. Can’t believe we just didn’t get to this point earlier. You didn’t even watch the damn interview lol. I am done now for real. Have a good night my lady.

  5. Noah drove Sage off the track, then Sage drove Noah off the track. That’s just racing.

  6. My guy what Sage did does not compare to the previous lap, that’s why it’s irrelevant. Noah didn’t drive him off the track lmao. Sage DROVE him off the track.

  7. Varlamov best come cheap if he’s playing here, cause IMO, no one should want him.

  8. Careful now, soon they will start saying it’s just because it’s on concrete lol

  9. I get the Toyota’s were going to do the exact opposite of Chase on the last pit stop, but I’m surprised they didn’t think they could all go after him. I mean it would’ve been him versus three of em. Get a good push and go for the W. Instead two of them end up sub 20’s. Sheesh

  10. Noah's dad is in jail for a fatal DUI crash a couple years back.

  11. Matthews was left off the hart ballot last year by just two members as well. One being Seth Rorabaugh - that’s two straight years lmao. Sheng Peng the other one. Matthews must’ve banged his wife or something.

  12. Merch done right. Not some obnoxious design or anything crazy. Simplistic, love it.

  13. I feel like 90% of the people commenting don’t know this is for the entire playoffs. MacKinnon is right there, 3 games of dominant play off the scoresheet doesn’t toss him into the drain. Makar’s got 3 points in the finals, 2 of ‘em being goals in a 6-2 thumping. He’s not ahead by much, if at all.

  14. Makar for Colorado. Landy in a distant second.

  15. You all just forgetting about MacKinnon because of 3 games lol? Makar has 3 points in… 3 games? 2 goals being completely meaningless. I’d put MacKinnon right there with Makar. He’s been dominating play, just not scoring. He was the favourite coming into this series too.

  16. I think the stuff on Ruby was fine. It kind of lead the story of him having TB to be true. I honestly had no clue (not even a thought) that he didn’t have it. Not sure why, but that was a huge shock when the doctor was in that picture.

  17. well fook, haven’t watched it yet but now my expectations have been lowered :’(

  18. I thought it was fantastic. You have to use your brain, and also remember that there is a movie to come.

  19. I love Clint, but problems caused by drinking is way easier to imagine than him having a nervous breakdown and going silent for a week

  20. Drinking and rehab was also my first thought. Clint loves his beers, maybe semi-retirement got the best of him and he wanted to handle it. Speculation, I know, but to me makes the most sense. Clint’s a good guy. I don’t see him doing anything bad…

  21. They were pit stops to cover if a caution were to come out late. Since tire fall off was so much they figured if they pit now and the yellow happened to come out they’d stay out with everyone pitting and they’d inherit the lead.

  22. Ya, and all of em too. So they would’ve had spots 1 through 4 covered and a W for sure.

  23. Nobody in the top 10 was ever going to consider coming in. Tires were important, but track position for two laps was worth so much more. They were going to be lucky to break even at best.

  24. I highly disagree. They went from running high 78’s at the beginning of the run to running high 82-83’s lol. Track position would’ve been swallowed right up.

  25. Kevin Harvick is not in a playoff position. Nor is Reddick

  26. Man Gibbs made an awful decision short-putting every single one of their drivers. Truex was their best finisher in 26th.

  27. I mean, they were gambling. Weren’t in great position anyways.

  28. Damn someone really gave him a victory bump lmaoooo

  29. Chastain is gunna catch Elliott. Fox missing an opportunity to cum

  30. That’s insane I’d do it just in case something crazy happens

  31. Haha I did. Put 5 to win $2505. I’m a Bubba fan today! I do think it’s domination by HMS but hey, fluke wins have happened before!

  32. They said he’s dealing with a personal matter

  33. That poor tire stack died for our entertainment here at the end of this race. Hopefully it's not just for a Kyle Busch win

  34. Bowman and Busch would’ve been better entertainment. Bowman was shaving 2-3 tenths each lap

  35. i hate that that moment was in the bubble, imagine that with fans

  36. It is maybe one of my favourite sports moments outside my Leafs bias. I cheered enormously when he scored that. Unreal.

  37. He had a broken toe link. I still don’t know why everyone quotes “spinning out” and shit like that. He couldn’t hold on to the car because of what the 5 did to it. That’s it. Now, could he have pit, sure. Spin out on purpose, that’s a joke.

  38. He had already broken that toe link earlier when he hit the wall. They had fixed it and got back to the front and was going for the lead when Larson did that to him. He still wouldn't have wreck a teammate on purpose.

  39. Yes and it later came out he broke it again. Which is why he was so frustrated. I agree though, he’s never wrecking the 5.

  40. Justin Haley pit at the last caution and is all the way up to 14th. Byron up to 18th. Chase didn’t pit the only time he should’ve

  41. Is Chastain gunna get his ass smacked at the end of this thing?

  42. Don’t know what they did to Chase but he finally managed to make his way to 22nd, actually passing! Woooo!

  43. Every bolts fan still has nightmares about the Columbus series. Nothing is set in stone.

  44. Heh. I wish I could feel pain for you my friend, but two cups came after that. I want your nightmares.

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