1. Wake the Dead, Laws of Attraction, Cursed Heart, Slow Burn, Ms Match, Heist Monaco, Perfect Match

  2. this is a damn good list!! i'll add TC&TF because Diavolos and Raydan's scenes are.. insane. they're on the shorter side but they're so good ;)))

  3. Best: ES, TC&TF, i cannot choose a third from these.. (ILA, BOLAS, VOS, BB)

  4. I'm feeling so impatient waiting for the last few chapters. Also, I can't believe it's almost over. :'))

  5. me too!! i'm so anxious but ready for more, but like you said i don't want it to end either! 🥹

  6. i'm honestly just scrolling down and upvoting every Lana Del Rey comment 🥱

  7. stopp did we all do the same thing?? 😭

  8. Well the game won't let me tell Caleb and Laksh that I like Matteo so 😭

  9. right?? they're basically lightly pushing drama on us and i love it ;))

  10. how does it feel to have your mc's name same as the villain's?

  11. can someone tell me what's the purpose of book clubs? i've no idea what they are

  12. in MTFL, there's a part of the story where the dialogue changes depending on your mc's race as well as you friends'.

  13. Maddison Kae is a nice parrallel to Addison Raes mom who after divorcing dated some tiktoker or sumin who is around addisons age

  14. my god this is intense. i don't know who these people are, i've heard of Addison though, but i still feel bad that their secrets are displayed like that to the world..

  15. not sorry we kept you in the dark, it isn't worth telling about, honey.

  16. i love both and damn this is hard.. but ILB mc is unmatched.

  17. oh wow i can't wait to thirst over someone new ;)

  18. i swear i kept staring at him whenever i read that book. incredibly underrated :')

  19. I’m on iOS so I haven’t had the blessing to play ILW, were the creators inspired by Dragon Age 2 for this system?

  20. you can download it on mac or pc if you have either. it's definitely worth it!!

  21. i don't think there's a "best" option, but my mc's personality is aggressive and i think it fits her. it feels great to know those around her care and understand what she's going through, even if she expresses her emotions in a rather inadvisable way. i like her like that, it's not only aggressiveness she has, but also fierceness and determination. i have yet to try different routes with different personalities, but i like this one.

  22. yess!! this is what i wanted, regardless of how hard it was. it feels good to have all top 5 GOC mcs :')

  23. is that tattoo floating in the air? 😭

  24. Thank you for your forgiveness, my lady🙏. Let's go back to the horny jail now.

  25. Endless Summer for sure!!! the most worthy of diamonds series in my opinion, and the best overall. Blades, ILA, BB, TC&TF (this one is enjoyable with no diamonds but the options make the series much more entertaining, keep in mind what you purchase inn book 1 won't carry over to the next two. i think it's because of an error they still haven't fixed)

  26. The Chosen One trope being used for sure. In the end, MC gets these horrific visions of this hooded character and I believe they're the "Frodo Baggins" in this story.

  27. I'm surprised ACoR MC didn't make it to the finals! I loved her so much.

  28. ACoR wasn't on the poll to begin with. i'm assuming it's because we all know she'll win anyway :))

  29. while Wtd mc is badass, i don't get much from their personality. there isn't something in them that jumps out when i think of them, personality-wise. i love them regardless, and i still think they're one of the best, that's why i'm voting them out.

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