1. This comment section about to become a warzone.

  2. All the clips used seem to be super old

  3. The guy with the red shirt is the real goat, stopping everyone from beating up the thieve.

  4. Not sure if it's intentional but he is actually doing what animals like horse and donkeys do when they are starting to "feel it". So yeah this degenerate is straight up like an animal .

  5. Who ever gave me this last time couldn't even spell correctly.

  6. Thanks to the Chinese loans and over reliance on the IMF.

  7. Isn't entirely exclusive to Karachi.

  8. Daal me Kuch Kala Nahi, daal hi puri Kali hai.

  9. Iirc this is a old vid from a sindhudesh protest.

  10. Can't believe bykea raised over 10 million USD. Their services aren't that good and the market they compete in is already completely saturated.

  11. Ill tell you why the serivce is shitty. because its a compromise to the riders and the passengers and it is at the sweet spot where its needed every day travel for people who cant afford cars but are willing to put up with minor issues. But right now indriver seems like a better compromise.

  12. The market they compete in is completely saturated don't you think?

  13. At least he got arrested by actual police and not disappeared by agencies. That is what used to happen before when PTI was in power and this YouTuber used to laugh at those abductions.

  14. They didn't disappear. They just went on vacation to murree.

  15. If he calls bajwa out he'll unfortunately pass away from rare bullet in head disease.

  16. Where are the champions of human rights who were screeching in our ears about lack of press freedom for the las 4 years? Things haven't been worse in Pakistan and all these champions are nowhere to be seen...

  17. "cow slaughter"??? We sacrifice every type of cattle... But yeah don't know why people call it "Baqarah Eid" which means cow eid...

  18. The blame game isn't something new for Pakistani politics.

  19. PTV used to televise this sorta stuff?

  20. The laugh track edited in is so hideous.

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