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  1. you should return them BECAUSE they're Beats regardless of stupid religious eyesight

  2. they are owned by Apple who proudly display a shining apple with a bite taken out of it. we can't be more obvious really.

  3. this is whats called Pascal's Wager, a common talking point for theists against aithiests

  4. In what parallel universe are you finding a two bedroom in Massachusetts for 1k a month?

  5. John Oliver did a GREAT piece actually last week about Water and its consumption in western America and he showee this guy and when i first saw it i was almost floored that a publicity elected figure would say something so pathetically stupid and unhelpful

  6. that seems soo crazy how anyone would say that with a straight face and not even take a millisecond in thinking that it was wrong in every conceiving way

  7. had to look up Technoblade, never watched their content but seems they were important to alot of others.

  8. I'm pretty sure the Treaty of Tripoli made it super clear. It was unanimously passed by the senate without debate in 1797. It very plainly states:

  9. you know, i feel like i learn more now as a grown adult than i did as a kid, bc i either forgot and didn't care or wasn't taught this tasty nugget. now i can fire back at a few American Bible Thumpers in my life whenever they say "Christian Foundings". award for you!!!

  10. I'll have to lookup those quotes myself to see how accurate they are, however i do know while many founding fathers were themselves theists, they also understood the importance of separating an entire government and nation from the rigidness of any single religious doctrine.

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