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  1. Acabei de jogar um Dotka e estou envergonhado.

  2. Everyone saying it's Laboratory. What is laboratory?

  3. Thought the same, but only for the first three.

  4. Yes... tiles further than 3 tiles cannot be worked by anything.

  5. This sucks so much, I wanted to do a city with all Wonders on it :(

  6. OD just became more disgusting on lane phase with lower cooldown in Astral. I love it.

  7. Yeah, no triple Chrone, Black Hole, Ravage, etc. Massive nerf to all these Refresher heroes. Also you're now obliged to have Refresher on your inventory the whole cooldown, instead of backpacking it for a more urgent item.

  8. Sleeping in my bad right now. I used to stray awake tell 6 A.M with her in a game, now she is my girlfriend to become wife.

  9. But how do you play it mobile?

  10. Maybe on Notebook. That's how the guy I saw was playing.

  11. I have to stop myself from playing this game on worknights, because otherwise I'll be up at like 3am... so hard to stop playing lol

  12. Yesterday I was playing and only noticed I should stop when my bedroom became bright. It was 5h20 AM

  13. Gods, Oblivion is beautiful. I still remember the first time I downloaded it as a kid and got to play. I was shocked.

  14. Why does it matter for his post?

  15. It doesn't, but there's no harm in asking and answering

  16. I don't know man. People on Dota brag way too much on their MMR and medal. Unless the post was about what hero he should play on mid, I don't think the guy asking would use the answer to something useful.

  17. Yeah, but Portuguese is based on Latim, so you can definitely find similarities that help the discussion.

  18. I know. I’m Brazillian. But Latin does have specificities that differ from Portuguese. Declensions, for example.

  19. Yeah it certainly does, as all languages derivated from another do.

  20. Another criteria observed by a judge here to define the amount of moral compensation is the offender's economic capacity, so a small issue often result in a extremely high compensation... but I won't spend my time giving a dumb fucker free law lessons, so I'm just gonna go with fuck you.

  21. O cara nem vive no Brasil e tem coragem de contrariar um advogado formado no país.

  22. He doesn't NEED to be depicted in any specific way. Chiseled anime thor is cool. Bodybuilder thor is cool. Diversity of artistic style is cool.

  23. Sorry but this anime depiction of Thor is shit. It just looks like a random emo boy

  24. That spear is also helped by the soldier in the arena. The shielded soldiers only show when there is a hero within like 200 units or something along those lines.

  25. Yeah, I was about to say that too. The shields showing up was a big "HERE" for Ammar if the Rebuke wasn't.

  26. Also right after this Rebuke, you can notice a shield spawns on the Arena of Blood's wall where Invoker is.

  27. He might be, but I'm starting to question myself if people on this sub are.

  28. They milked the GTA V cow for 9 years now. I don't have any pity on them feeling "gutted"

  29. It's not the Dev who chooses to milk a game for 9 years, you know that, right?

  30. I lost it not twice, but thrice this way. One after another a stupid bitch would do that

  31. Holy crap apparently this guy hacked his way in lmao

  32. Tweet deleted, which basically confirms it was leaked lol

  33. Also not, he was found dead on the throne with cuts all over his body. He did not fall.

  34. she works great with Gareth, basically no awkward downtime, and very informative casting (eg. venomancer shard counters bkb and bkb like abilities)

  35. What is the info on Veno Shard Avainst BKB, please?

  36. as long as you apply it before they pop it, it'll stun them. so you know how venos counter is usually bkb+tp scroll, not anymore.

  37. I had a Veno game recently with 4 people building BKB, but I did not know it stunned if dispelled by BKB. If I knew it I could've won lol

  38. It would for sure be a cool fight. Arthur with two blades and Robert with a hammer.

  39. It would be a easy fight if Arthur Dayne had Dawn, not that bullshit double swords the show gave him. Still bugs me out how they couldn't give the most famous weapon of the whole story to him.

  40. I always viewed it as more convenient. It’s easier to convince those that didn’t read the books that Ser Arthur is great because how he handles two swords.

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