1. Yeah, hes gone now but the door is still closed, both of them still wont open.

  2. Try teleporting to the grace in radahn's arena and coming back to the shore with teleporters

  3. Didnt think of this one earlier but ow I'm contemplating whether I should do incense duration or ghost health offered, with my Cure All skill would health offered actually be better?

  4. Cure all will only work if you gain health (by active healing)as well. If you are full health, no heal will be passed to rest of group. If you are using a mostly heal build, suggest having extra resolve for ult if needed in consecutive use, or quick regen for healing boost to yourself to enable quicker recovery if hit while patching folk up.

  5. Useful information, but it doesnt answer my question about which perk is more viable on my Ronin Charm

  6. Always find it a little odd when people describe using cover as though it was somehow taking the easy route.

  7. There isnt much cover and in borderlands games...its hard to find cover where a Bullet still doesnt nick me while my shields are trying to regen.

  8. How are you specced with Aurelia? I go all cold, first, and found that my action skill did a pretty good job of slowing Deadlift down, and damaging him from cover. He jumped around so much that I had difficulty getting a line on him for sniper damage, but that's probably as much my (lack of) skill level as it is the level and fight design. But people sleep on how effective a fully specced cold build wrecks with her.

  9. Sniper build. But I was steadily moving into cold and contract because I was playing with a friend before and the contract bonuses were nice

  10. I seriously doubt anyone has enough HP to withstand that, can you even have 2k let alone more?! This more of a physical defense check than anything else.

  11. Anything counts, use the tools at your disposal to survive. This isn't an honorable duel between knights or samurai. Its war against the corrupted demi-gods and possibly other things that I wont say for spoiler reasons. And in war, you use all the tools at your disposal to survive and to win.

  12. My comment was just for those who need a serious perspective, all in all this entire thread is humorous.

  13. They seem to have improved the graphics a fuckton

  14. I'd love to know what platform you're playing on, the textures are grainy as hell that they look like PS2 textures slapped onto a next gen game. I shouldn't be able to actually see the pixels in a final fantasy game let alone a team ninja one. I'll respect that they may be focused on the gameplay which is actually great and what makes the game fun and playable. Great game mechanics and an interesting story. But the intense grainy textures actually bother my eyes. Not in an we this is gross way more so in a physical way I cant play for very long because the grainy pixels start to screw with my eyes in a way that makes it hard for me to maintain focus on the enemy to ensure I know what they are doing. I'm stuck on a boss because of it.

  15. The original was not RPG, it was skill based fighting the character growth, the combo's you could edit to make up for the characters inability to attack from certain angles, the reaction time. All these were better while NT tried a new formula, destroying character growth, 3v3 is all around annoying, its doable but honestly spending 3 minutes chasing some dumb AI down even tho they are targeting you simply because the AI is always attempting to gang up on you is a waste of time. The 3v3 has potential but the way they did it is just too clunky. It's too easy to destroy one person in pvp by hanging up on them because the characters dont react in time with the player like they used to. It's no longer about skill. It's about relying on others. And with can never rely on them. The moment you stop babysitting is the moment they die. They should've simply stuck with the original formula instead of tried this new thing or at least made 3v3 optional in story mode etc. Because the AI is useless and if you dont have friends you are guaranteed a bad time. Plain and simple. Only masochists who enjoy dark souls games like myself could possibly enjoy DISSIDIA NT on single player.

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