1. It never ceases to amaze me that these cultists can't connect the dots on why guys like Tate are rich (beyond the income from sex trafficking, obviously). They're grifters, you're the mark. Tate isn't altruistically offering anyone anything. His fan boys are feeding him the money that allows him to pontificate on how to make money without ever realizing they're the revenue stream, they're the ones being exploited.

  2. Yeah, obviously this guy doesn't get it, but what really stood out to me in these episodes was how honest (in a sense) Tate is being in a lot of his quotes. He basically gives all these speeches about how it's a reflex for him to just lie and bullshit to make money off other people, but somehow it doesn't click.

  3. 10 for sure in terms of Alex directly. 5 in terms of support characters probably.

  4. Is 10 the one where Alex starts trying to argue that denying Sandy Hook happened was a reasonable position like he was gonna pill opposing council?

  5. Kill your allies with intimidate to debuff the boss lol

  6. So he is able to read the lawbooks? Sorry but the church has no say in what is a crime and what isn't.

  7. Telling bishops and others to not lobby for criminalizing homosexuality is still a good thing though. Chick-fil-A doesn't make laws either, but there's still a reason people call them hateful/homophobic.

  8. He's literally a holy figure and leader to 1.3 billion people. That's 18 times the number that voted for Trump in 2020, as an example of his support.

  9. It's a good thing when the pope says good things on the chance people listen.

  10. Who wouldn't want to watch the British get fucked?

  11. It took me a few days to get rain. Once it starting raining while I was in a picnic, so I quickly stuffed him full of candy, only to realize the rain ended when the picnic did. Not sure what was up with that or just incredibly poor timing.

  12. Why would the Jews need Jesus if Abraham already made a binding pact with God? For God to keep “testing” his followers makes him seem fickle, and that his word is no good— I’m not buying it.

  13. These are very interesting questions. Obviously opinions are gonna vary by and within denominational but here's my (Catholic) take.

  14. I’ve had people get on me for having “feminine” traits growing up.

  15. I have never forgotten being called gay in middle school for

  16. Thanks to your post, my Hydroidon and Jigglypunk feel a lot less lonely now.

  17. Too Bad "Top Secret Weapon" is too many characters.

  18. They are probably still wondering why Obama wasn't in the oval office during 9/11

  19. I mean, wouldn't it be nice to know????

  20. You get cartel market certs just for logging in. Sure it's only 5/month but still.

  21. There's "able to solve a box of puzzles"

  22. And no one around you is gonna mention it either.

  23. How does this work? Do you have to bank them with him, or does it go to him if you collect more than 999?

  24. He gives you 20 for free and then automatically "finds" your overflow.

  25. Yes, a world famous detective turning up uninvited to an event held by a man who committed “attempted” murder (in his own mind, as apparently, she never mentioned her identical twin) would never raise any red flags 🙄

  26. He wrote a dumb character. Calling it bad writing when the dumb character does dumb things is...dumb.

  27. Yeah, Duke thought through a lot of shit really quickly to make that scene make sense.

  28. If I covered for her and my stepdad found out, I was worried I'd lose my school as well.

  29. You only knew because you asked! Wtf.

  30. Well, Eurasia was the enemy, but it's been changed this week...

  31. Oceania has always been at war with Eastaisa!

  32. design wise. I know hes really strong but i don´t care about competitive and his design just doesnt appeal to me

  33. I would have agreed with you, but yesterday I used him on the water. Instant S tier.

  34. Mah spicy Boi, Scovillian, is cringe!?!? 😔The pain is real, and it ain't from the heart burn.

  35. We must defend the tiny jalapeño man too!

  36. Hm I highly doubt most DMs would have their spellcasting monsters counterspell a cantrip but hey do you

  37. Hey, it's one way for the DM to correct his mistake.

  38. I'm not the most versed in LMoP, but is either a Night Hag or two young dragons, one of which is from Icespire, present in the first place? Or is OP is already homebrewing on the fly?

  39. On the one hand, that checks out with my experience in LMoP. On the other hand, I know 100% my DM was tweaking it left and right.

  40. Miles is a terrible person, but she attempted to murder 8 people out of spite. You think that was justified? Just because it turned into a Looney Tunes episode at the end, doesn't dismiss that in real life that explosion would've killed or left severe 3rd degree burns on almost anyone in there. Miles SHOULD also go to prison but if I'm one of those people I see no real benefit to back Helen. Plus I'd be pissed she just tried to kill me

  41. It sounds like your question is, "Why do the characters in this movie react to what happened in the movie instead of what I think should have happened?"

  42. Why wouldn't they react that way? I'm just supposed to accept every illogical character motivation because the writer deemed it so?

  43. You're asking why they would turn on Miles when Helen "tried to murder them," meanwhile Miles actually murdered two of them. It's pretty obvious why they would be mad at miles.

  44. The problem with this build is twofold:

  45. I second the opinion of not taking sharpshooter on a rogue with only one attack.

  46. 7 downvotes. This sub is a wonderful, thoughtful and caring community that also serves a safe space for just about everything except racism and sarcasm.

  47. Nobody appreciates a driver's license in blackface.

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