1. Early on, invest as much as you can into your shop/furniture.

  2. Bess is good but merryl will be better with a bit of luck. As others have said, marksmen is gold. Heck mine has marksmen AND Gun master and it's awesome.

  3. The promotion does not increase skill odds. Slot 1 always has a 83.3% / 12.5% / 4.2% chance to be Common / Rare / Epic regardless of class or promotion status. The only thing that affects skill rarity is the slot itself - higher slots have a higher chance to be Epic.

  4. As for the Conquistador, Gun Master is quite strong on mine, but we're also talking about two different conquistadors, and evaluating them under different parameters.

  5. Okay you are correct skill odds are the same pre-soul.

  6. The nat 1 makes you fall & nat 1 costs you your action on the next turn are homebrew.

  7. If you don't want to be a meatshield, don't. Play ranged too and the party can focus on kite & control. Build towards that and protect them that way without making yourself the primary target.

  8. I would look at ranged battlemaster, or a paladin. The paladin list has a lot of unique spells, and you finally get the full list at 17. But it's way smaller than wizard etc. Some of the same logic for looking at ranger instead of ranged battlemaster. Drakewarden is rather cool at high levels.

  9. This the the trouble with spellblades. They have access to so many skills that it's hard to create any synergy or specialization. I would just start over on this one. /s

  10. I send single heroes out for qualifiers. I commit as little as of my roster to the event as possible while still completing it.

  11. I like Nail Master's glory. Cyclone slash is potentially a big soul point generator. Multiple charms give reach too. Dash slash is okay. Hits a little harder, only 1 attack instead of two so worse at making soul points. At high levels this hits harder but mostly I think you use it for movement. Great slash is what I like. Think about the worst case scenario for this build. You're out of soul points, the enemy has a very high AC and if you could just get some soul points you could switch for forcing saves instead. Great slash trades damage for consistency of soul point generation (level 11 extra attack competes with this somewhat).

  12. The friends cantrip can create hostility if you want to cheese a way to recharge your soul points.

  13. I think the 9th level Assassin feature could make you a lot of money. Especially if you/party can do any sort of transmutation/alchemy. The potential for scamming people seems very high with these features.

  14. So I think you could just try to build them tanky. This has a place I think because the strongest barriers are water so if you want to take down that boss and need a tank, the samurai fits the bill. They aren't the best red type by any means but their element does give them this niche.

  15. Harpy grants a bonus to Attack, CHC, and has an Wind affinity. These attributes make it a good choice for Yami and Sia because of the offensive boosts and Sia for the Wind bonus.

  16. Thanks, is this what most players need to do with new characters, or have I just been unlucky with my rewards?

  17. I've leveled several people to max and got gear for every slot but main hand so I think this is normal. I suppose there's a chance we have the same weird luck, but I doubt it. Though obviously different content has different rewards.

  18. My husband applied for this company but didn't even get an interview.

  19. I got an interview a while back. They did not make a good impression. I don't feel l missed out on anything.

  20. Eh the only thing that I would call a farm is trying to get more keys. Make sure you clear that bosses out before they would spawn again or you're leaving potential keys, and therefore potential shards on the table. The lowest 4 bosses repsawn every day, one every six hours, in order, with the first one being at the daily reset. The Anubis respawns every other day and the rest less frequently still. There used to be a calendar for when they (and Champions) are set to come but I haven't looked at it in some time so hopefully it still exists.

  21. you know management isn’t the same as the folks that have to remove your stupid sticker, right?

  22. Here I thought he worked for an escape room....

  23. Sounds like you need to level up until you reach T12 enchants worth 25 each (35 with affinity).

  24. No. But upgrades to legendary usually are if the item is enchanted.

  25. Evoker wiz w/ Magic missile sounds cool, but is there some reason we're assuming we'll know how much hp the enemies will have left? Seems really easy to under/overcommit how many darts to send at an enemy.

  26. Zachary, which contributes to part of my confusion surrounding ‘Xaiquiri’. During our “argument” surrounding his odd-spelling preference, he mentioned that he simply doesn’t like the spelling of his grandfather‘s middle name and that it was/is “too common”.

  27. So uhh, this dude rolled 3 epics, no reroll, but since he was already capped before getting his 3rd, I'm left wondering if I should keep the 2nd or 3rd skill.

  28. I'd reroll 2nd. You can hit the evasion cap without it with the right gear.

  29. Agreed. Heck, you can hit the Evasion cap even with just Marksman. Wanderers / Pathfinders get a hilarious amount of Evasion with relatively little effort:

  30. I was doing 55 from innate, 8 from marksmen, 12 from dance and 3 from carbuncle on kitsune mask. Obviously plenty of options. It helps than dance & marksmen are two of the best attack granting skills in the rogue kit too.

  31. Eldritch Knight 10/War Wizard 5. Great AC. Full armor and shield proficiencies. Got magic but only 3rd level Spells. (4th maybe 5th slots tho). Arcane deflection is even better on a martial than full caster. Put the last level in fighter if you want better nova damage from Action surge + Extra Attack plus.

  32. I've been kicking around with this Concept too (zealot version). In mine, I dump con. Smart? Idk. But hey it might come up in more sessions that way.

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