1. A bit hard to tell without seeing the error. Mind copying and pasting the first chunk of it? Don't need all the way to the bottom if it's too crazy.

  2. Faulting application name: RustClient.exe, version: 2019.4.7.37553, time stamp: 0x5f218b9b

  3. So that exception code is what you want to google. I've had it before, there's quite a few things you can try. Unfortunately, I've seen this one a few times and often it ends up with replacing the cpu or the gpu. In my case it was my cpu, but it was still within warranty so I got lucky.

  4. Ooof okay I’ll try the solutions from google and if not then I hope i still have warranty. I’ve built this pc around the end of 2020 so i believe I might have warranty if that ends up being the problem

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