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  1. I probably still don’t have someone who’d write me in. I hate being alone sometimes

  2. Budgets reduced, ridiculous workload, ridiculous hours, low pay, high stress with behaviour across the board (speaking from supply experience and teacher training in 15 schools in 3 years) can you blame them? The school I’m at a long term currently, have been trying to recruit for a role for 6 months, in that time they’ve had 5 total applicants, 4 no showed and 1 decided against it having spent a trial hiding from the kids after a few minutes. All the tas currently are on a lower salary than I am for supply. It’s a joke.

  3. So, more than 1 per person based on population, and this is only registered firearms as well

  4. The buildings have more curves. Go talk to a woman dude, you’re down horrendous.

  5. Good god this outfit. Highlights her perfectly. Sana is the perfect woman, that body, that face, that aura, the personality, the way she pulls off cute, sexy and everything in between so perfectly.

  6. For me, Vikk's personality does not suit the group currently. Maybe except from Tobi & Harry. With others, it just seems like Vikk interact with them for the camera. But idk. I still like them all, just the personalities don't match imo.

  7. I agree, Vikk comes off like he’s trying to be this overly nice guy but in reality is probably not that nice, thinks he’s hot shit and generally doesn’t seem like anything other than a Rishi Sunak lite. In more than just appearance.

  8. To quote a great poet. “Selena Gomez she got nice ….” “Woah”

  9. That salary seems awfully low for a teacher. Stop buying for your department, the only tools I’d buy are a guillotine and maybe a laminator and that’s purely to make my life easier. Outside of that, school budget should cover everything and if it doesn’t, it ain’t your problem to fix

  10. At least a 10% rise with that being funded by the government not school budgets.

  11. "Why are you such a pessimist? Everyone meets their love, you just have to be patient!".. and other nonsense, that is so positive it starts being toxic.

  12. Man if this ain’t true. I literally had an argument with a friend last night because she was complaining about her last woes and said would you rather have had this happen or just continue on with never having had a romantic experience ever. I held back from using the card if I literally set you up with the love of your life and you guys are considering marriage rn when telling her I’m in my mid 20s, my time is running out. At this point, I do want kids one day, if it doesn’t happen in about 2 years I’m just going to adopt and live my life.

  13. Online dating is the source which fuels the main problem, which is a self-esteem problem.

  14. I’m in my mid 20s, well over half a decade on dating apps, only ever had one person reply and that was someone I knew from university who I then set up with a friend of mine. After that, deleted them all, stopped thinking about them and living my life. If it’s gonna happen it will, but dating apps destroyed my self confidence with the fact I literally never once had a girl reply let alone getting matches. Hell one girl once matched to make fun of my name and unmatched as soon as I replied. Fuck dating apps

  15. There’s exceptions but for the most part I just let them go. Exceptions being, if it’s a significant taught portion of the lesson, if it’s a few minutes after a break or lunch, if there’s more than 2 people already out or they really are taking the mick by going 2-3 times in one day during lessons.

  16. Same here it's too much for my nose. It overpowers everything else in the perfume. I have tried and tested it so many times to try and enjoy it. I've come close but i dont think i can ever wear it comfortably

  17. That exactly, it might be my skin chemistry but it just becomes so overpowering and not in a pleasant way

  18. Curious here, I recently purchased this as a gift for my mum, what’s bad about it

  19. Your mum is likely going to love it. It’s baffling to me how many people like it so much. To me it smells cloying, unrefined, like gasoline. I don’t think it’s as unique as reviews say - which it doesn’t need to be of course. Gave me a headache and nausea. The only blind buy i regretted this year. I gifted it to my friend who - of course - loved it.

  20. That’s fair, I found the edt and edp to be very sweet whereas the intense seemed to have a better balance hence the purchase. Thanks for sharing

  21. I wear smart trousers, black trainers and a Henley, polo or jumper depending on the weather. Reason being? I dress for comfort and being smartly dressed. I worked supply in a few schools where some members of staff would wear quite low cut tops, short skirts or just tight clothes so figured if I dropped the tie I think maybe it’s not that big an issue.

  22. Teachers are shown little to no respect in this country. It’s as simple as that, whether it’s pay, workload, government, ofsted or just parents in general. They don’t see the sheer volume of work and hours that are put into this for shockingly little remuneration.

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