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  1. I hope they don't bust out another ralph Bohner

  2. I Saw some gameplay and it felt familiar but i'm sure its not the one :(

  3. Wow it does have a similar vibe! But i don't remember being spooky but rather childish

  4. I find a lot of that is mind set oriented . If you spend a lot of time with your instrument it starts to sound like how you currently feel . Now, if you go a day or two without practicing you may notice things are a bit off .

  5. I'n My case weirdly enough... If i don't play for a day or two, i feel better when i play again! Hahaha... But yeah the bass is extremely jealous. You look at it funny and it won't love You back

  6. Thats really not your problem. If she has a place to Crash but she doesnt like it, then she has to find a new one herself. Youre on the right on not wanting her there, it's understandable. It's a recipe for chaos. Sometimes people swallow lies better. Perhaps tell her You are seeing someone and it's inappropiate to have her in your house. Just an idea, sadly people can never take the honest truth evennif youre being Nice.

  7. Hi! I would love to help You in English in exchange for japanese

  8. I don't think doublebass is exactly fit for such genre tho it could work. But You would need to be very well mic'd. Otherwise i think the effort would be in vain. I also recently started playing electric bass and trust me You Will feel at Home very fast. I would dare to Say in a single day

  9. Hey buddy nice job! It takes guts to upload a video of yourself playing. Do you have a private teacher? My name is Richard Ryan, I'm a professional bass player and teacher. Would you like to do a zoom lesson sometime and I could give you some tips for no charge? I see some things that I think would make your life easier.

  10. Guy on the bicycle was robbing the guy on the motorcycle. Car driver didn't like that and ran over the would be robber.

  11. That looks like Brazil, and also generally in latín america robbers won't hesitate to kill You Even if You comply. It's very common thats why people have taken extreme measures and stray up try to murder the robber. For all You know he could kill the other guy and continue a killing spree :/

  12. Any person who calls themselves an influencer don't deserve any intelectual respect

  13. The most epicly ironic and downright stupid thing about this incident is, if that dumbass did not record it probably nothing would have happened, also knowing this familie's cop history, it's hilarious the guy recorded trying to protect the criminals, and in the end the video had the evidence of the crime, man, i just can't grasp that level of stupidity

  14. I love when You Open a thread and see a bunch of deleted heavily down voted comments and You know stupid shit was said ahaha

  15. Honestly My cowardice to kill myself is the only thing keeping me alive

  16. Go for it. I'm 23 and i wanna do it, i havent done it because i don't see a point if i don't have a gf ir sexual partner atm

  17. I can help You out. I'm native spanish speaker

  18. Just a friendly correction, it should be “informal” rather than “unformal”.

  19. Hahahaha youre right, i wasnt sure. Talk about formal... I learned all My English in the streets hahaha

  20. I'm down for it! I'm fluent in English and know bits of french :)

  21. I actually never watch the news. And yes this won't affect us or our children but it's a fact it Will happen

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