1. Now you see the tyranny of the system!

  2. I more fully came out as genderqueer to family and friends and added she/they pronouns to my email signature, which had always felt nerve-wracking.

  3. I read this post and was immediately like I KNOW THAT FIC WHAT WAS IT CALLED..

  4. Omg, SOLVED! Thank you so much! I can’t believe you found it - I’m off to read now!

  5. listen, some people aren’t great at thinking of summaries, and we all have our moments. but instead of writing ‘I’m bad at summaries’ or a variation of it, just copy and paste the first sentence or paragraph of your story. it’s not the most ideal summary form, but it’s going to repel way less people than something like…this…

  6. And don’t add something like “if this gets a good response, I’ll write more” because there’s nothing quite like review begging to get me to skip past a story with otherwise interesting summary and tags.

  7. yeah, my biggest peeve with that particular one is that it doesn’t specify which kind of response they want.

  8. No, it’s perfectly clear! (Tho I am a bit high right now). I think it’s the act of holding a story hostage that irks me? A simple “Please kudos/comment if you enjoy!” doesn’t annoy me, though it’s better placed in an author’s note.

  9. Most people like stories, but stories don’t need to come from books. In your example, games can be stories.

  10. My small Episcopal parish runs on a tight budget ( about $100,000 per year, or less), and we hire a cleaning company to come in each week... A corporation with over $110 Billion in the bank can surely afford cleaning services...

  11. My UU church (similar small budget) does the same. And honestly, professional services are likely going to get and keep buildings cleaner than random volunteers each week.

  12. I feel that this statement is somewhat unfair to babies, who at least don’t give a fuck about crypto!

  13. Or stories set in non-American universities that have homecomings

  14. And he was likely a victim of abuse when he was younger and that helps explain his anger and aloofness now.

  15. With the caveat that you can be a masochist without having experienced abuse - absolutely! I think Izzy could, however much he would deny it, truly benefit from a trauma-informed approach to pirating.

  16. It says…something…that this is their name for what would be on most campuses the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

  17. Exactly what I was thinking as well. Belonging focuses on what does the individual has to do to fit the mold, as opposed to an Office of Inclusion Equity and Diversity which focuses on making sure those that are different from the majority culture are represented and included.

  18. Exactly. I have done a lot of DEI work at my university and we still have a long way to go - but the focus is on making institutional changes that promote inclusion.

  19. I literally laughed all the way through the episode - it’s my new favorite!

  20. It’s called “work to rule”. In unionized jobs, working what exactly your contract says can be a negotiation tactic.

  21. Stede Bonnet/Izzy Hands. Don’t @ me, I know, I know.

  22. Haha, I’m glad so see other OFMD fans here! Honestly I’ll ship Izzy with practically anyone, but Stizzy is very nice, especially with Ed watching.

  23. OT, but I thought this post was talking about Garfield the cat at first…

  24. I hate people like that. I have a colleague from Ghana - she gets immense pushback from certain white students.

  25. From the dawn of humankind, man has longed for non-stick cookware.

  26. How many queer kisses happen on the show?

  27. Truth is absolute defense against libel. Is there anything substantive in the AP article that’s not true? I don’t think so - thus the church is still welcome to sue, but would lose badly.

  28. It was a complement haha, you wrote that so well, it hurt. Love the thought process.

  29. Thank you! Might try to flesh it out to a whole fic once I survive the first week of term.

  30. Thanks, I’ll send you a link if I do!

  31. And I loved Nadja's completely apathetic reaction to his sexuality. "I mean, who isn't gay though?"

  32. It’s the gayest Guillermo has ever been on the show and I am HERE for it!

  33. I’m genderqueer myself with some family trauma, and I think your character is realistic and not offensive at all. Ask your friend if cis characters with no trauma are stereotypical - cis is just another category, after all.

  34. I thought it said “trial rocks” and was totally prepared to learn that a MLM was selling literal rocks now.

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