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  1. In this specific case maybe, I was making a general point. Having that 10% is not going to make a difference between 1000 and top 50 for example, you’ll get there not because you have the BP. Nothing wrong for me with paying or not to play the game, I’m just tired to look around and see people complaining about this mode being too hard or weird or p2w, that’s all.

  2. You’re right that there’s nothing wrong with anyone paying or not but that doesn’t change the fact that people who pay do receive an advantage

  3. Open Ultra has always had some of the strongest hate, so I totally get your sentiment.

  4. What is your elo right now, the meta can be pretty different across the elos

  5. It’s really more about their positioning and movement, when and how they disengage and how they engage, things like that, your aim probably won’t improve from simply watching other people shoot

  6. If you can’t find them anywhere online your only real shot is to find someone to trade them I guess

  7. Apparently there is a Team GO Rocket guy somewhere and if you find him you get something but he’s very difficult to find

  8. Careful about trusting that, I went to community meetup 3 or 4 months ago and we were told that somewhere around the tiny park we were at there was something hidden that would pop up on our game, nothing happened and we combed that entire damn park multiple times

  9. Idk if I missed a message when I logged on but it would have been super nice for it to Say somewhere in the game that it was disabled.

  10. It doesn’t, try it now and watch you not lose any artifact points

  11. Gotta pull back when mid air to throw the knives, helps them track better

  12. That’s crazy, I’ve never really used it before 3.0 and I’ve just been popping it on top of the bosses ty for this advice

  13. Good for you, I kind of want to try and do the same thing but I just can’t bring myself to disallow him from being in master league classic in case they bring it back

  14. The weights mean he is living a healthy lifestyle

  15. I love that game! After a lot of years, I was able to obtain the pokemon TCG2 rom in English 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 ...and it is awesome!

  16. Solid foundation for a competitive ruleset IMO. Good to see they're taking it seriously.

  17. Wouldn’t taking it seriously be following the clear recommendation for a loss?

  18. I gunned down a guy yesterday who had a backpack on, but nothing else. Are people really hatchet running in this game? I don't see the point when white gear is so cheap. Maybe they just forgot to equip stuff after a death.

  19. I’ve done that and it can result in very good profits when you’re good at sneaking around people and know where to go

  20. My favorite memory of this game is when I tried to tell someone I only had a knife and to leave me alone and he tried to shoot at me and I managed to knife him to death

  21. Wait so are draw knives that incredibly sharp to cut the wood like that or is some weird physics

  22. Fossils are made from rock, a Pokémon that’s made from a rock should be a rock type. New fossil Pokémon should be pure rock type

  23. You can buy and sell any level of components from quests and I THINK you can sell any item no matter what level you are

  24. It was but it still had a challenge so I imagine there is a huge chunk of players that don’t have them all because of this.

  25. That’s true, but there are probably even more people who don’t have the geo locked ones from the go tour live events so why not bring those up too

  26. No. The bar on campus but most people go to Delray, West Palm, or Fort Lauderdale for bars/clubs.

  27. I thought that they got rid of the bar on campus

  28. They got one skin for logging in for 10 days

  29. A bit of it, not a huge amount but still a bit, the big benefit is getting paired with people who almost always join the raid and contribute (you’ll never escape wrong names, just sort by friendship level)

  30. I don't know if that would fix everything though. Sure, lock-on always doing at least 1 damage due to rounding does wonders for Registeel, but it still would be fantastic even if Lock-on was made a 4-turn move. Those charged moves are just ridiculously good paired with its bulk and energy gain.

  31. Tbh changing the move length of lock on is probably the best way to nerf him without murdering him but doesn’t 4 turns seem like a little much?

  32. I don't think so. Outside of its ridiculous charge of Zap Cannon, Registeel's 1-turn lock on does a lot. It does 1 damage at least every turn. That's significant. Where something like Snarl may do 1 damage to an Umbreon every 3 turns, Lock-on will always be 1 (or maybe more if the mon has paper defenses, idk).

  33. I’m pretty sure that’s just a nerdy rock

  34. I would genuinely cry tears of joy if that happened to me

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