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  1. Too many Black people(not just males) got self hatred issues. They gotta get left behind if we're truly going to advance.

  2. Saying that it’s self-hatred is extrapolation. He’s just horny. Set him free.

  3. Nobody here seems to be saying that people should only sleep with those they love, but rather suggesting it’s a good goal in life to love one’s own self enough not to lust after someone who has called you a monkey.

  4. I mean, you gotta take what you can get when you haven’t bussed for a month

  5. It's not not even that he is wrong about antisemitism being a warning. When it becomes common place it's a bad sign but what's this necessity shit.

  6. It’s a setup for a “look what you made me do” justification.

  7. What the fuck is that even supposed to mean?

  8. I think that he is viewing anti-semitism is a bad thing. I think that he's saying that if "anti-semitism is normalized (a moral necessity), it's a symbol that we've gone too far. (hell is coming)"

  9. The Hunter is pretty samey with three parts from the same set.

  10. I dunno, it’s not that entirely different IMO. American chattel slavery is pretty bad in its legal and generational institutionalization, but we were sold to white Europeans by other Africans. Warlords and rival tribes enriched themselves through slave raids.

  11. I’m black and my 5th great grandfather served in the civil war. There is a non-zero chance that you are also related to a Confederate if you’re African-American because slave rape.

  12. Wait you ended that with give kids some respect after talking about making kids cry because you think it's funny is fine. There are a billion ways to trick kids amd have a laugh without them crying.

  13. Every kid is different so you can't say that "there's a billion ways to trick kids without them crying" because something will cause a child to cry somewhere. People are individuals and will react differently.

  14. Hunt and Undying were terrible. Worthy was alright IMO. The Almighty Event was GOATED and the Warmind Cell weapons were amazing.

  15. Since my own post on the topic got deleted, I'll put it here:

  16. I'm also a bit surprised that it worked. I feel like it would have also been interesting for him to wake up but have it backfire in a way.

  17. I'm a middle-aged widow, and I'm not ashamed to admit that I cried when I saw Saint bringing Osiris back with a cup of distilled Darkness as coffee. I don't care how lame that might be--I've spent time by the side of my late wife's bed hoping she'd wake up out of her coma. So Saint doing the same resonated with me, and the joy that erupts when they do wake up, also felt that.

  18. Same. It worked for me. I thought it was heart-melting.

  19. That cutscene today was adorable. 10/10. Heart melting

  20. Okay no. Joey isn’t irredeemable. Joey is capable of change and his friends can be a force for that. If everyone abandoned their Joeys, we’d be a worse society for it.

  21. last thing we want is joey meeting other joey and starting an incel, woman-hating secret society

  22. Yes! That IS a big worry! Best to correct the behavior, and have him live well adjusted and connected with decent people. We all win this way.

  23. It was literally his job. He’s a leader and we can’t be leaderless.

  24. Ben Franklin was all about that old puss. He talked about how discreet they were and how u weren't misleading them and whatnot. He also gets into more details about how old lady vag feels as good as younger ones.

  25. Was she really fat? How does someone not know they’re pregnant?

  26. Small baby in a very big and tall woman. Sometimes it’s possible for a woman to not show that much, especially if she’s 6’4.

  27. yeah, but i feel like if they did implement poison it would be kinda like thorn or somethin

  28. I think if they did implement poison, it would be kinda like ya unwashed, shweddy balls

  29. It’s more like 15-20% white (look up the 23andMe study to see how they categorize black/white biracials and you’ll see why I said that). And ethnically mixed and racially mixed are two different things. Are AAs mixed in an ethnic sense? Yes, because you just named the ethnic tribes the average one contains and some are more significant than others.

  30. Yeah, white guy dating a black girl, I want to understand more of the terms and techniques and processes. I’ll look up some tutorials on braiding and twisting as well

  31. Wow lolol. I’ve just learned how to twist my hair and I taught my white girlfriend how to do it. I enjoy my results and so I can share some of the resources that I used.

  32. There is an extremely high chance she has a low-rent amateur OF page somewhere where she cucks her husband with black guys.

  33. Sure sure but have you seen her breasts?

  34. ESH - Get black AND white decor. He shouldn’t have said “regular” for white.

  35. But seriously what the fuck is going on here??? Any explanation for this?

  36. Sports is just an excuse for homoeroticism

  37. NTA - there’s no reason why people, especially children/teens, can’t share bedrooms and bathrooms.

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