1. This helps a lot. I heard about the Reduxx article from a friend and couldn't help but roll my eyes, but then I went on the SOC8 and saw they really DID link the EA. And I went on the EA and got a little scared by some of the stories...

  2. "While there is a 4000-year history of eunuchs in society, the greatest wealth of information about contemporary eunuch-identified people is found within the large online peer-support com- munity that congregates on sites such as the Eunuch Archive (

  3. You can't even achieve that on the earth and yet you expect me to believe you will by choice not sin for eternity in heaven? Yeah ok.

  4. ? heaven is a state of being? it is timeless? there is no mortal temptation, only oneness with God

  5. Telling people to “just Google it” brings up wildly different results depending on the person.

  6. are you capable of performing your own independent research? If not I suggest you learn. What if I only have biased sources? What if I don’t respond with sources? “Just google it” is a perfectly fine response. I am not responsible for holding your hand.

  7. i went to one of the inter-religious meetings at my college and both my priest and two rabbis said that the “My God my god why have you forsaken me” psalm was their favorite

  8. i think that an ouroboros-type tattoo of the idol with a tentacle would be sick as fuck

  9. i just watched half blood prince with my best friend and i was like “that! that right there!”

  10. Their argument also ignores the fact that the entire medical industry is centered around men and male health and has been for a very long time. I definitely think both more men would be PL and they wouldn't have to jump through so many hoops to get an abortion. There would be more than one major abortion provider and the negative effects of the abortion pill wouldn't be so understudied and ignored as they are for women today. Just chiming in as another feminist.

  11. i think you should jump into it! dm-ing for kids is a lot /easier in terms of rules although much harder in terms of like… players being children?

  12. hm. wonder what the reaction would be if this said “muslim” instead of christian…

  13. The argument never mentions you having a relationsship with either. So assume they all strangers are to you.

  14. no what im saying is that “pick an embryo v. a human” isnt a great argument because u could also say “kill ur mom or a stranger” for example and then be like “wow u picked ur mom? i guess you dont think strangers are human…”

  15. This is not the same. Both of them are strangers to you, it isn’t about your relation to them.

  16. ok choose one baby vs. two adults? one baby v. one adult? the specifics dont matter its just a sophies choice idk

  17. i just… ignoring 90% of the post she is literally holding a snickers bar not a cigarette

  18. Calling a fetus a child is like calling a bowl of flour and egg a cake.

  19. Otherwise most of the advice isn't specific to the abortion debate, but rather generic tips about how parents and children can communicate regarding complicated issues.

  20. one of the girls i tutor once asked me about abortion and i was just dumbfounded on what to say, but i definitely wouldnt take most of the advice in the article

  21. heres the problem, any nine year old will just become pro life because they can understand why killing something is wrong, theyre not caught up in the nuance of “when” something becomes a human, just that from conception it is a baby wnd that the baby doesnt “go to heaven” like some people would call abortion but is killed by the parent

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