Police Shootout

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  1. I'm still rocking that Miami cheetah jersey this year. I don't care what he says he'll either do it or he won't. I want them both to succeed huge.

  2. Save yourself the time and money get the stoeger m3000fs. I wouldn't trade mine for 2 Berettas and a benelli.

  3. Best course of immediate actions now. STOP DIGGING. Call your local rental company and get a stump grinder.

  4. Selective outrage Steve. Your silence on China's human rights abuses makes you a hypocrite.

  5. We divorcés have had to have long conversations with ourselves about relationships and romance, and it sometimes churns out nuggets such as this. Also, thank you.

  6. Watching 2021 afc championship game onNFL network right now Chiefs up 21 to 3 on the bengals. Let's go chiefs we finish this 1 and we go to superbowl he'll yea let's go

  7. What were winning 21 to 10 right now this is awesome. All we have to do is run the ball next half and we're going to the superbowl.

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