1. I love a scammer. Reminds me of Craigslist days. If you’re stupid enough to fall for a scammer I have no sympathy. It’s 2022. Lean the fucking scams and avoid them. Only give $ to actual creators/sex workers who are verified on multiple sites.

  2. Just annoying how the fill up the feeds, just ruins why some of us are here ya know 🤷🏼

  3. I'm not convinced you're the person in those photos. Seems fishy

  4. It’s a joke, there should be a better option than this

  5. Preaching to the choir here, and it seems like most of the people here don’t seem to care?? 🤷🏼 I don’t get it haha

  6. I have always had the best luck meeting people by engaging in an activity you all do together. If you think about it that’s why bars and restaurants host trivia nights and Kerioke . It’s about bonding with people over a shared experience. I suggest you take a cooking class if you don’t drink or a kickball team maybe. It doesn’t matter what it is it could be darts or church or just smoking cigarettes . Anything that gives you a chance to talk and listen.

  7. Yea makes total sense! And I used to kickball for years!! And have done a handful of trivia nights etc. If that’s the way people still meet cool, just seems less and less the case these days?

  8. The phone in your hand just makes it feel that way. When money is tight you see more things like only fans accounts. If you get any group of mixed sex people gathered anywhere and nature just takes its course.

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