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  1. "He wasn't a pedophile because he bought his wife from the bad guys but he's such a good guy that it was basically freedom and not creepy"

  2. Please dont use that phrase. You are insulting pieces of shit by saying that. That said, I hope this fuck steps on dog shit without shoes or socks. And that he has a perpetual itch on his back that moves every time he or anyone/thing else tries to reach for it.

  3. Well I've been to zoos may times, never seen monkeys turning into humans.

  4. Again with the Strawman, you'll be long dead before you watch monkeys evolve. But you can see microorganisms evolve if you're willing to. Just because you don't see it happen doesn't mean it's false.

  5. They mixed two babies of two different genders, until no one knew who belonged to who?? The mother who birthed the boy couldn't remember she birthed a boy or a girl?? The mother who birthed a girl couldn't remember she birthed a girl or a boy?? No one in the hospital who helped deliver these babies births could remember this simple fact, which is literally their JOB. Then on TOP OF ALL THIS BRAINLESS STUPIDITY, they take a FUCKING DNA TEST THAT FAILS?? HOW?? THEN ASK OTHER DOCTORS WHAT TO DO?? AND THEIR COMPLETELY BRAINDEAD BRAINS THEN TURN TO ISLAMIC PREACHER WHO UNSURPRISINGLY HAVE THE SOLUTION TO EVERYTHING BECAUSE ISLAM HAS A SOLUTION TO EVERYTHING???

  6. Literally almost every girl are the ones who quit the religion

  7. Also doesn’t the time zone effect this? Because pretty sure in other places it is morning, so does this mean allah come in the morning too. Or he came back to that place when it is night later on? He sure has a lot of free time.

  8. I've been waiting for years for this to happen, and now my favourite character and I share the same birthday 😊

  9. Sometimes I wonder, doesn't it ever get tiring? Like, people don't like to listen although it's true.

  10. For me, it's because I find him relatable, he hates the people around him. And behind his evilness lies a child who's innocence was corrupted by society. Although that doesn't entirely justify his actions, I got no problems with him because he's just fictional.

  11. From this and previous leak, it looks like ~10 seconds of flight time if you don't dash or jump, and ~5 seconds of flight time if you're continually dashing.

  12. On this video, he seemed to absorb hydro, so he should've began with 20 additional floating points

  13. What is propaganda is the fact that people think and spread lies that Muhammed beat women, when he never did, ever. He is not perfect as he is a man, the

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