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  1. Amy Winehouse came in daily to the Starbucks I worked at. Venti Caramel Macchiato with an extra shot.

  2. I was Amy winehouse for Halloween the year after her passing. Pulled it off quite well even though I'm not thin. She was my favorite artist and it makes it that much sweeter that's my exact order at Starbucks. Thank you for sharing 😍

  3. "His legs looked like linguini , Eddie said, damn, Rick might need some help, I was like, YO, we just gave him some help" 🤣🤣 RIP 😔

  4. And benzos have an antidote (flumazenil) while barbiturates do not.

  5. Absolutely! It’s not available over the counter like Narcan or anything, but if someone seeks medical care for a benzo overdose that’s what they’ll get.

  6. We already know the narrative she will run.." When you have a family, you do everything to make it work. I believe in God and my family is God's gift. Growing up my parents always taught me family comes first and I believe in forgiveness and giving chances to people. That what makes me human.💀"

  7. Everyone wants a big ass until you have to change or fix your toilet seat twice a year🙄

  8. I saw Kourtney in a thong on her stories yesterday, and call me crazy, but her butt really looked like part natural, part muscle. Like it was a curvy bootie, but it looked real like she worked for it. I wonder if she did this to one-up Kim. Or if Kim posted to one- up her. Who knows with this family.

  9. Oh we all know the rich yt guys the ones I've seen anyway, prefer tiny girls supermodel build.. if kris jenner hadn't raised them all to hate themselves, Kim would have kept not her original body,(it is Hollywood after all), but at least her 2nd or 3rd body and just kept up with it and looked great.

  10. Nooooo fking way. I hadn't seen her this age, I've even stuck up for her saying , well 17 in Hollywood is like 25 everywhere else...... but I had 2 daughters, and we live in a hot humid place where everyone has Itty bitty clothes, and no way in hell my little girl would have left the house like this . Poor kid no one ever taught her the least bit of self respect or I should say protected her from Hollywood predators

  11. i don't pay much attention to him because he icks me out so i honestly can't give you exact sources, but i remember reading an excerpt from his book here where he talked about alabama's 'cute bubble butt' as a baby and sexualized her in a very, very unsettling way in his memoir. i think you can find sources for it if you search.

  12. He said she's gonna be trouble because of her coke bottle shape as a kid. He was right. These Hollywood parents don't realize that they ARE allowed to say NO!!!!!!!!

  13. Medium is supposed to be 8oz . They put a scale next to our station because they were over portioning mac lol. I would take it back or show the pic

  14. I can't wait for this little guy to do some stupid shit to his gramma or one of his aunties then yell, KARMAS ABITCH!! While dad is there, and then has to explain why he's familiar with those words. Hopefully the whole family isn't shitty.

  15. Growing up, if I didn't get up in time for school, my dad had flipped my mattress with me in it to the floor.

  16. Mom used the supersoaker if tearing the curtains open to the blinding Florida sun didn't work....

  17. Keep in mind this wasn't a regular trip. This was for OP to play soccer, it's unfair they'd turn OP's sport into a family trip, at the cost of OP's sleep. This wasn't a family vacation where everyone is equally entitled to a good time, if they wanted to treat it as such, they should have planned an actual family vacation.

  18. If this was a championship high school football game and op was a key player, they would have gotten them their own suite, made sure they were healthy, etc. Its somewhat disrespectful to not focus on ops athleticism, namely rest. A regular family vacation would be different. NTA

  19. Right i thought he was going to not be attracted to her. She called him a cartoon character, he called her Megan fox. TF?

  20. Thought for a second she was pumping gas here. Which made me suddenly think, I wonder when the last time was that ANY of them pumped their own gas?

  21. It's literally on an episode with her and Kylie pumping gas when Kylie was pregnant Google it you have to watch it LOL it's so super cringe

  22. We're getting rid of the side salad, and the regular sized kale crunch only large salads and large kale. I think they're making a new large salad also.

  23. NTA . Its not like he's going to be staring at her vagina. He'll be by her head holding her hand, cheering her up, helping her breathe....and what a great story for the kid to know that his uncle was so supportive. Wife is jealous, and probably thinks she fked up not letting him see his own babies, cut the cord, etc

  24. Also the thong bathing suits... it was refreshing that no one was even concerned as to where I think in America they would be more judge-y.

  25. So who is gonna cut the cord? Her momma? POLITELY DEMAND YOUR SPOT IN THE DELIVERY ROOM SIR. The way this plays out will determine the direction for the rest of your possibly short marriage. This means alot to you. Its 2023 not the 1960s where the dads are sitting in the waiting room smoking blue or pink cigars. You have been together for all your 20s. Did y'all never discuss this? You said she had miscarriages. Were they from you and are you 100 percent sure she had them? Sorry if I sound disrespectful but there is alot of info missing. Nta.

  26. If you still need help hit me on telegram @mello84

  27. probably, but it's also not surprising that he did. tristan literally sleeps with anything that has a pulse. the lack of chemistry, their personality, their looks, etc never matter to him. all that matters is getting laid. khloe is a pretty girl who had a massive ass which he probably liked. my question isn't why he even slept with her, it's why he willingly had two kids with her?? so weird

  28. I mean, his 1st baby mom was beautiful, and so is marilee.....I think he hooked up with khloe to get on t.v. I mean think about it, if his basketball career tanked, he still had a show to work on, or even still be in the gossip news because of having kids with khloe from a billionaire family.....if you watched the old show though, he was a good tricker, like he had me convinced that he was super in love with her, he acted so sweet. This was before the Jordan scandal ....

  29. oh dang for real? I haven’t seen the show so I didn’t know he was pretending like that. That’s too much effort for being a hoe like cmon dude lol

  30. She literally went into labor with true the night she found out he was making out with a girl at a party and it got caught on camera. He immediately flew to be with her in labor, and she made her family promise not to harass him about the other woman so they could have a positive birthing experience together. It was awkward.....At this point I don't even think she cares that he's a cheater she just wants to have a partner. But you can't turn a hoe into a house-husband!

  31. My daughter started using the do not disturb feature when she started having sex. I, being an old fart, didn't know about this feature and thought her phone was always dead. One day she mentioned it to me and said it goes straight to vm because she has this feature on. She almost always calls me back immediately, but I thought it was odd, like why would you want that feature? I don't call her unless its to ask what time does she work, or if she wants something from the store. She turned 18 last Thanksgiving and now she's 20 weeks pregnant. Related? I think sooooooo

  32. I'm sure Kim would love to do this to travis barker....good thing Kourtney can whoop her 🤣🤣

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