1. I really wanna know too but noone is replying to the folks asking about it lmao

  2. CBD is a must! Check out Wana pomegranate gummies, only 5mg thc and 25 CBD. Could cut them in 1/2 or even 1/4

  3. Also, if a “national” company wants a presence in many markets, they have to find a provider in each state, a la kiva, Wana, Tyson

  4. Amplify is opening a cbus location according to their website, will need budtenders!

  5. BR releasing cannabis terp and 100% live resin lusters in the next couple weeks too

  6. Just look for products labeled “100% live resin” or “cannabis terpenes” / “strain terpenes”

  7. Man I wish I could get the Larry Cake in a 510 and not an Airo. I looked at their flower and Cake it Easy looks like it’s just Larry Cake but renamed, but I can’t find either in a 510 and I would run to the store if it were there.

  8. If you’re looking for that fast onset time try new Wana quick gummies - they have a 1:1 I believe

  9. Look for 100% live resin, make sure ppl aren’t using fillers or CBD, br w the red tips

  10. Those looks sweet. Does BR make luster pods? I've never seen them.

  11. Where did you get the yellow luster battery!?

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