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Innocent laughter

  1. I love this line and the call back to Return of the Jedi line from Luke to Vader. "Then my Father is truly dead".

  2. It's what saves the show, honestly! I'm HUGE Ewan's Obi-Wan simp, but I must admit it's mostly the Vader scenes that make me like Kenobi. It's as though Disney can do the lousiest scripts, but once Vader is on scene, they all start taking it seriously.

  3. Is that how the Zebras got to your wife?

  4. I think that might be the thing I hate most about the sequels is tying fortnite into it and assuming that you'd seen it before you watched the movie

  5. The only explanation possible is that Disney chose that instead of actually including any sort of hint of Palpatine's return in the films because that was their target audience: loud, quick-to-anger 9 year-olds. If you think it like that, Fortnite becomes the most obvious option to drop such a huge plot twist.

  6. After going to the planet to literally kill him, he chose to let a Sith Lord live and everyone on Alderaan died because of him

  7. The way I see it, people on Alderaan would've died regardless. The Death Star was primarily Tarkin's project, and at least in the comics, Vader seemed quite weary of it. It was Tarkin who ordered the destruction of Alderaan too.

  8. That whole moment is ridiculous. Obi Wan literally does a slow ass leap over Darth Maul and he just gives him a surprised pikachu face like “a Jedi using Da FoRcE???? I never could have predicted this situation in a million years!!” He easily should have had the reaction time to cut obi wan in half mid air.

  9. Essentially, Maul is suffering from the Sith's most common and greatest weakness. As Luke said to the Emperor:

  10. I've heard this referred to as "noob tactics" in PvP games

  11. It is! Surprise the enemy with the stupidest move nobody who knew what they're doing would ever do

  12. I'm sorry, Admiral Moses, but that is not the appropriate response here. We must be prepared to do whatever it takes to achieve victory.

  13. I still kinda wished he didn’t appear in Rebels. At least, not his final scene. Would’ve been cool to see him and Ewan in live action once more for their final showdown.

  14. Although I'd love to see a live action version of that duel, I think the medium through which we saw it is part of the reason most people like that scene so strongly. A lot of that duel's greatness is due to the creators knowing how to make the most of animation.

  15. I remember knowing it was going to be 9 films in 1977. George even said back then that we'd see Vader and Obi-Wan duel at a volcano, and Vader falls into the lava.

  16. Did he?? Wow so amazing he had that idea so early and decided to stick with it despite nearly 3 decades passing! I'm sure he was a very different man by the time he made ROTS yet he kept true to his younger self vision.

  17. Una vez reventaron un taller clandestino a una cuadra de mi casa, dormian en colchones al lado de las máquinas lineales, que bajón, había familias enteras

  18. Antes se quejaban de que con las jornadas de 16hs no podían ver a sus familias, ahora con las familias viviendo en el taller se quejan de que la ven todo el tiempo, que mierda quieren loco?

  19. I have to sort this out on my own, without the Council… and without you.

  20. Didn't think that when you needed Kit to bail you out now did ya? Pretty damn convenient if you ask me

  21. "bro screw the UN" you're alive darren shut the fuck up

  22. "Buy now while supplies last! Buy one hyperdrive replacement and get a child slave free of charge!"

  23. In my country, the government banned airlines and travel agencies from offering monthly payments to customers, so they started offering monthly payments for ridiculously expensive pens and pencils that came with a free plane ticket.

  24. Damn. That's pretty discriminatory. Did they make a bad costume or something?

  25. Te hablo desde mí experiencia nada más. No es igual para todas las personas y también depende mucho de la disponibilidad de la otra persona. Pero en mi caso prefiero sin sabor tirando o un poco dulce. Pero la mejor de todas fue una vuelta pedimos de postre un helado sabor crema oreo. Quedó dulzón y aún así fue la mejor jaja. Otro dato importante es que el helado tiene que ser al agua o vegano, la leche y lacteos no da buen sabor, queda medio ácido.

  26. Well, a ruler is 30 cm, so 1/12 of a ruler is 2.5 cm. Your wife has a thing with a 2.5 cm?

  27. technically there is no such thing as gun

  28. Según la Corte Suprema de Mendoza, no lo pudieron probar. Para el vicepresidente del INAI lo son, porque se autoperciben mapuches.

  29. It really is just the most fascinating thing huh? A war that spun rapidly out of control and laid the groundwork for the next century of the warfare, global politics, technological advances, cultural shifts, and ideological movements? And that's not even talking about all the fascinating battles, weapons, leaders, and stories that came out of it.

  30. The thing that baffles me the most is how everyone got dragged into the war because of alliance systems. Whole armies fighting because someone shoot a guy somewhere and declared war on some country which was an ally of some other country and declared war on the first country, who in place was allies with another country which had to declare war on the other ally who was also friends with another country which meant that they also had to join in and so on. And everyone apparently thought it was the most sensible thing to do and saw it as an opportunity to get shit from the rest without knowing the carnage they were walking into. If

  31. Man wait until you find out about the 1979 version and the 1930 version and the 1929 novel, they were all even better

  32. Not even kidding, palpatine pretty much used a vpn. under the jedi temple, there is an ancient sith relic that the jedi hoped they could de-corrupt. However it actually backf and clouded the view of the jedi, hence leading to their weakening before the events of the prequels

  33. Second book recommendation, Ordinary Men. Amazing follow through of the history of a bunch of ordinary police reservists from Hamburg (who were, statistically, probably voting for the communists/social democrats before the Nazis seized power) that went to commit massive war crimes in Poland. There's extracts from interviews with the men from after the war, diaries, etc. and some of the stuff there is wildly unsettling. Like the guy who convinced himself that massacring children is actually good and merciful for the children, because they would die anyways without their parents (that he and his colleagues are also massacring).

  34. Totalmente de acuerdo desde los conceptos de tipo y antitipo, pero teniendo en cuenta que es una definición desde lo simbólico, que tiene relación directa. Sin embargo, me refería a la intencionalidad tal como se evalúa el arte. Lo masculino, en este caso, está dado por el desarrollo imperceptible del ámbito en donde se desenvuelve una persona que le permite cumplir efectivamente un rol en su núcleo social y lo comunica hacía el entorno con determinadas actitudes. Lo que digo cuando hablo de antifemenino, es una intención forzada de ir en contra de ese desarrollo y desencajar de su rol en el núcleo social, caracterizada por una exageración en su expresión hacia el entorno.

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