1. The fee to get more from OTC makes it not even worth buying 100 bucks at a time

  2. Bro, for most of us that is what are brokers allow since we can’t have orders over 999999 shares at once. But I agree with your point. Btw, what broker do you use?

  3. Listen man at the end of the day it is up to you what you choose to do with your shares. However if you choose to hold or buy more you have the opportunity (with good odds) to create a fortune. I suggest you keep holding and lower your DCA. Cheers mate 🍻 and good luck to us all.

  4. First off, unless you've gotten an xray, we cannot be sure it's your tibia.

  5. K thanks, luckily there is no pain

  6. These HCMC shill 🤡🤡never give up. Same 3 clowns every day,,I blocked them over a year ago and they're still here every day, adding negative sentiment on any hcmc positive posts.. the easiest way I found to deal with them is just block em!. they actually get paid when your respond! By the post!.. Everyone here knows what value hcmc has. These shills and their hedgefk employers are going to squeal when 1\6.of the float is bought back and share price jumps ..

  7. 100% right, if someone is disappointed about “losing money on their investment”. They would not be bitching and complaining every day for a year strait, lol. As they’d of moved on to other investments

  8. It will be, plus they offer vitamins and medical injections which is an awakening trend

  9. I think we'll see the price reach .0004 before the HCWC shares are issued. After we receive those shares, they do the buyback and THEN they reverse split us all the way to $3. Then we get the nasdaq listing.

  10. Hmmm…I was addressing your “at its current value the stores are undervalued” statement - which you backed up with numbers all based on current values not future values 🤷‍♂️

  11. I still think it is currently undervalued and should be closer to $4-5 million a store and future values even higher

  12. Well said and forget the haters let’s Grow and Shine With HCMC

  13. I know they will the question is when

  14. Your tibia is bent from kicking your door in frustration about this investment OP. It’s cool man, I’m not selling either, but I wouldn’t hype too much in the near future imo. Go nuts though.

  15. You shill 🤡, GTFOOH .. bet you don't own a share. HCMC is increasing share value by reducing costs , increases in revenue, and share buyback , instead of the reverse split that fuks it's investors..HCMC has been doing right by it's investors all along and even survived COVID last 3yrs while many other went bankrupt.

  16. How long has it been like this? Did you receive blunt force trauma to this area prior to the bump? (Like hit this area hard at all). Did this happen after an incident or has it been like this for quite some time?

  17. Thanks for your reply. No blunt force trauma, I just noticed a few weeks ago, but then again I never really look at my tibia. At first I thought it was maybe something to do with my height growth, my bone age is 15. I’m just a little worried because I’m not sure if my bone is bowing.

  18. NAD but that’s almost certainly just minor differences in the soft tissue. If there was some trauma to the area then it could be swelling in the muscle and surrounding areas. But outside do some extremely rare diseases that would make your bones soft and weak adult bones don’t bend. Rest, ice (if needed for pain), compression if there’s swelling, and elevate the affected limb for these kinds of issues is what I was taught.

  19. Insane how it could reach 2 cents, the volume wasn’t even that high. I’m kinda pissed I missed that, I would have sold

  20. The shill clowns will have you believe HCMC is a trash company,, I live here in FL and visit the stores and buy my supplements online from them..I know 1st hand they're a great company. These paid bashers are all over social media, the share price is so obviously shorted and manipulated , just like 100 other OTC stocks barcoding between 0001 and 000001,, google zombie stocks and you will get the full story.. think about it . What real hcmc investor would be in here telling you they have too many shares to ever be worth anything.? Also they neglect to mention not only has HCMC used the funds they generated from the special offering to buy other businesses and diversify,, but now announced a $5mil share buyback . That's 1\6th the float..Jeff Holman is increasing share value the right way,, not be doing reverse split that would hurt it's investors and the share price! I wish he would join the other CEOs and start suing the shf and expose this illegal market 💩💩!

  21. The share buyback was announced last year, I guess they are buying shares back slowly?

  22. Hopefully I wake up and I’m rich for no reason 😂

  23. Hcmc must run this sub or something I can’t see an replies either. It looks like we all bought a meme stock pump and dump shell company

  24. IDK, that's why I'm asking, shit I'd have $600,000

  25. Please visit me @the.ribeye on instagram. thank you 😊!

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