1. Yknow…despite us being so far away, I sympathise with everything you wrote. I felt my depressive episode coming in December, and I have yet to recover. I quit my job then too; high paying, reliable, for once even good coworkers…only thing I didn’t like was it exposed me to how bad humans can be to each other. Been unemployed since, and I’ve maxed my only credit card trying to pay bills. So with no job, maxed credit card, and no other way to make an income yet every day feels like a sinking ship…..I feel you.

  2. There has to be a way to make it, right? It can't always be like this. I know everything is hard, but it feels like we have just made it hard on ourselves. Maybe there is something we are not seeing. Im trying to not be a Debby Downer, but why is it so difficult for us to make it right?

  3. I feel like I suffer from learned helplessness. I feel utterly useless no matter ehat I try to do, and me doing nothing or feeling nothing has often gotten me out of a lot of situations. I know there’s 100% something I’m/we’re missing, but this bullshit illness won’t let me figure it out. I’m not that happy even when I have all my bills paid.

  4. Sitting in my room mostly, doing various things. But all still in my room. Drawing, dancing, screaming, applying for jobs, playing games, etc.

  5. How are you the top three answers to the question What powers would Kirby get if he absorbed you? ?

  6. Unlimited lives because despite every day feeling like I’ve died, I still wake up in the morning. Kirby could get atomically deconstructed and he’d still be back and ready for the boss fight because game characters don’t get depressed.

  7. It looks like a cell being popped and all the cytoplasm spilling out, but in reverse

  8. It's amazing how a crowd of animals can act similar to a fluid.

  9. It amazes me too. When I sit in traffic I can only imagine how fluid-like the traffic looks from in a helicopter.

  10. I related way too much and wanted to watch the gory mess again and again like some sorta sicko

  11. Don't worry, you're not alone. I find MiA very cathartic to watch...

  12. Faputa became my favorite character (and also my entire persona) literally because of the carnage in Ilblu. Her rage was so palpable with every word I swear. The fight with Reg literally sent me over the edge of insanity

  13. I’m 22 and on the opposite side of the spectrum, I’ve had 14 jobs in the past 4 years. Honestly your best bet is to start slow. Part time retail/customer service. As much as everuone complains about it, that’s really the only way you can get your foot in the door with actual job experience, unless you want to spend thousands getting different web certifications.

  14. Yknow, I really hate the dynamic of older people tending to hate younger people without understanding why.

  15. Your "obvious solution" is going to be condescending and unhelpful every time.

  16. Even if you arent an asshole, unsolicited advice makes you seem that way- especially when the advice is either inapplicable to their lives or goes against their morals.

  17. Why can’t people just accept that sometimes people dont wanna talk to you? Why does it have to be a whole conversation?

  18. I know this is a copput but depending on what kind of job it is, I’d call out. If your job is cerebral, high in problem solving, and you have to do more than serving them or placing an order, I’d just save it for the next day.

  19. May not be reaching for a drink but I’m reaching for a smoke. Hope it gets better for you, buddy ❤️

  20. I'm so sorry you had to deal with that! Did anyone call the cops?

  21. They didn’t answer when me and the other person called. By the time they called back, I had already separated them and they were starting to deescalate. Plus I was too afraid to call the police because they were just here a month ago.

  22. Well, how do you feel about it? Do you think they will continue to have problems?

  23. Oh yeah, this friendship/relationship/whatever it is is done. It has to be, otherwise they’ll both wind up in jail.

  24. Something about hearing Mabel talking about her prickly muffin was very off putting for me on the first watch

  25. I think that accentuates the unpleasantness of seeing a child star saying and doing those things

  26. A quick google search shows that only 38% of the world’s population was overweight in 2020

  27. definitely fckin do it. You mustn’t run away. You mustn’t run away.

  28. Take after shinji and dont run away, but also don’t take after shinji on what he did while Asuka was sleeping 👁️👃🏽👁️

  29. I’m not an expert, neither am I smart, but I think this came from The Flinstones

  30. I feel that. It'll be okay, take one day at a time and do your best. Eventually it'll get better

  31. I’ve been saying eventually for 22 years. When does it get better?

  32. Tomorrow! Literally. Do something tomorrow that'll make it better than today

  33. I have no money. I’m unemployed. There’s no food in the refridgerator. Both unemployment and SSI were denied. My roommate shows me every damn day what it’s like to be happy, meanwhile I stew in my bed because I literally have nothing to do. I can’t afford my car, let alone the gas that somehow makes it’s way there. I can’t afford this apartment. There’s nowhere to go where I’m not expected to spend money, and I’m too weak to go walking at a park. Yesterday was my birthday, and it didnt even feel special. This will not get better tomorrow, but thank you for trying to cheer me up.

  34. I mean, meta drops, you dont expect people to test out gods that were changed? Also, meta builds are meta for a reason, they are the closest to optimal. I don't understand people who complain about playing meta stuff.

  35. Nothing is wrong with meta chasing, until it starts to feel like groundhog day every time you boot up the game. I don’t play Smite to have the same 5 team members- I play because the game is at it’s best when there’s clear-cut fuckery going on and everyone’s either cursing in the chat or d/cing. That’s a lot more memorable than Hachiman#63558

  36. Its been a day since hachi buff. One day. God was basically nonexistant til now and you cant bare a day of seeing him?

  37. Oh, I didn’t know the patch went active recently.

  38. I'm on my third counsellor.... They always agree with me that I should work on treating my depression first and then the changes will come after, but when they realize that my depression doesn't seem treatable they basically give up on me. It's very disheartening.

  39. Is your depression situational, or is it actually caused by a chemical imbalance? I’ve had depression my whole life- I came out the womb reciting Cymbalta commercials. But as I got older I realized that my depression was about 85% situational. Cause I’m broke with no family or friends. Therapy can’t help you fix your life problems, and and it damn sure isnf gonna fix things overnight.

  40. Life is a series of rolling dice and trying to avoid or achieve very low probability results. From cancer to car accidents to pregnancies to lotteries, they are all the same. Buying lottery tickets are just another one of those die rolls, it's foolish to not take the roll whenever you can.

  41. It’s also foolish to devote a lot of your time and money to believing you’re going to win something that’s almost statistically impossible for it to be you. Take that dice roll, but when you realize you’ve been sitting at the chair for too long, you need to do something else.

  42. Give it as much effort as you do preventing cancer, and you'll be basically playing even odds.

  43. You prevent cancer every second of your day, because your cells kill themselves before becoming cancerous. So technically you have a higher chance of preventing cancer accidentally than…accidentally winning the lottery.

  44. I’m not a huge fan either but it’s better than Indeed or Monster.

  45. I’ve honestly had more luck with indeed than either of those. Both Zip and Monster feel like gigantic scams. At least Indeed’s the most used, so it has more recourses to help with the search and is more user-friendly. Applying on Zip just made me feel like I was giving free info to randos on the internet (which I already do enough of).

  46. After that huge data breach with Indeed, I get so many scammers reaching out. At least that’s an easy way to tell if something is legit. If they say they got my info from Indeed - scam.

  47. Honestly I get scam calls all the time, so I’m never sure if it’s a real person. I just insist they leave a voicemail in my own voicemail box and if it’s a recruiter or an actial job, they usually do.

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