1. And Sodachi although not really. She hates him

  2. It's over on Crunchyroll and VRV right now. Also it's part of a series with each season having a different title that matches up with the novel it's adapting. Also, not everything launched is in order. There are

  3. You can totally watch it in release order. It's non linear. It doesn't have to be in order and will be a different experience if you actually watch it in chronological order.

  4. Well, monogatari makes it plot relevant so, ig that's better than it not having a purpose

  5. If its the main route doesn't that make it true. Isn't it true if its a part of the game at all

  6. Its the route you get when you follow all orders, or to say it in a different way: the ending you get when you are mind controlled

  7. I laughed before I realized it’s probably a legit video of Patrick getting railed. :(

  8. Nah. Not necessarily. There's one way he could aquire a tie

  9. I read "line of coke" instead of "line cook" and was confused a moment

  10. Totally normal. Your eagle will hate you tho

  11. This looks so disgusting. I would never take something that looks like this

  12. Wait, The last panel is not an edit (for the most part)

  13. Das Problem ist nicht, dass ich ein Alkoholiker bin


  15. I wanna go to the raves these dudes are talking about, even the wildest abandoned warehouse raves I've been to just have titties out, max.

  16. Na, definitely not common. Ive been saying to friends for years that torrenting is on par, if not better than streaming sites (ease of use vs cost) and they had no clue what it was. Im 22

  17. I swear this place is being overtaken by people who are horny for sleep paralysis for some reason.

  18. Okay heard that. Can I download tails on a usb and then run on my pc? Or can’t hold it down altogether

  19. You can only use tails on a USB. You can't install that.

  20. You're the first person I've seen suggest using Qubes as the new secure system for all things I2P. Before I begin looking into Qubes, does it also offer the ability to install third party software tools that will also be needed such as PGP, etc?

  21. Of cause. I don't use it myself but it's basically multiple vms which are isolated to each other.

  22. She's a really bad dancer if she let's her parter fall all the time

  23. Firstly, if your friends can easily find your Reddit then why don’t you fix that? Go over your settings when you’re sober. Reddit will benefit you so much more without the dreaded fear that someone you know is watching.

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