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  1. I unfortunately live with parents. 32 yo, went through divorce. Gotta love toxic relationships.

  2. It's really not any better in rural areas. The best jobs you can find typically only net you about $1100/month in take-home money, but your rent for a shitty apartment is $800-900/month.

  3. There is no real Auth-Right party in North America. Viktor Orban is AuthRight, the AfD is Auth Right, Eric Zemmour is Auth-Right.

  4. Why is AuthRight always depicted as approving such dumb stuff? MAGA and Trump are not even AuthRight, they are LibRight.

  5. Find a new joke. I think I'd rather live in a pod, than hear conservatives scream about it ad infinitum

  6. If that pod is the Enertron from Chrono Trigger, it would make me so happy.

  7. Awful lotta celebration of poor people getting murdered in here...

  8. Can't wait to get married and have a stay at home husband. Wonder if I should go all out on the gender reversal roles and get addicted to strip clubs too.

  9. Reaching adolescence during the late 90s and early 2000s and watching right-wing conservatism sink us into multiple forever wars and bring about the largest economic recession in any of our lifetimes, all the while discovering what racism and homophobia are and how completely devoid of intelligence you'd have to be to judge people based on their immutable traits like that. Oh, and what a coincidence, right-wing conservatives were still against interracial marriage during this time!

  10. One day, he will be called in to voice a new god. And then the question arises: Is the god's VGS any different from the default?

  11. If there's not going to be a greater narrative point to including it, I wouldn't. If it's nothing more than a tragic backstory or random horrible event, then it'd be wiser to just come up with something else instead.

  12. Babies don't go to hell as they can't have intentional sin. Also even if they could not being born means they literally have no chance to sin as they are inside the womb. Please don't act like you have an educated opinion on s book you never read. You don't hear me say "I feel like Moby Dick would do this" without having ever even read it

  13. Monarchy is the worst system of government, as evidenced by the fact that, as soon as the population gains even the smallest amount of education, they topple that shit (or, at least, neuter the hell out of it) immediately.

  14. They kill gay people in the Middle East, why are you not outraged over that?

  15. Perhaps they aren't seen as equally evil, but my point still stands. I personally support what that LGBT flag represents but a significant portion of the population disapproves of that flag. Are you okay with pictures of Jesus being displayed at all times?

  16. I agree. Therefore, a prayer to start the day and the Christian flag should be allowed on school grounds.

  17. Mandated religious practices in schools are unconstitutional based on the Establishment Clause of the 1st Amendment.

  18. without Tucker, Fox News is no different than CNN, aka dog Sh-t

  19. And with Tucker, it's way, way worse.

  20. Ah, so it was Benito Mozzarella. I remembered it to be Benito Muesli.

  21. I could've sworn it was Instructor Mooselini.

  22. Oh Randy was very much as smug as Gerald, just after Stan wrote that gay little song.

  23. You mean that smooth summer jam, "Hey, People, You Gotta Drive Hybrids, Already"?

  24. "In related news, 100,000 volunteer North Korean soldiers went missing in action today, having disappeared all at once in the forests of western Russia. Some are calling it proof of alien abduction, and unless some evidence of desertion or foul play is discovered, it may be our only explanation."

  25. I main Xbalanque. And my first main was Xbalanque.

  26. As others have said, New Jersey or eastern Pennsylvania are options, but southern New York and Maryland are possibilities, too. Maybe even western Connecticut.

  27. The highest-paying job I've ever had netted me exactly 34k/year. It was a contract job that lasted 6 months and then was over.

  28. As long as First Past the Post is a thing, the other parties are literally worthless.

  29. I am pretty sure the “critics” are a couple of people on twitter with 10 retweets and 5 likes.

  30. Cracker Barrel has no modernization. Cracker Barrel needs no modernization.

  31. I am convinced there are no spices whatsoever in their kitchens.

  32. I read up on this, here’s what this article considers “offensive comments”, and are the crimes you can be arrested for:

  33. It's almost like rightoids don't know how to read or something!

  34. Yay, now I can see Rem Lezar's bulging dick 'n balls in high definition!

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