1. I do have experience editing plist, on windows though. Sucks it doesn’t work anymore. I’ll glance over this. Is there a way you can run the same app, twice? I want my Wyze app opened twice.

  2. https://www.cnet.com/tech/computing/how-to-open-multiple-instances-of-an-application-in-os-x/

  3. Yeah, you’re right. Didn’t work with Wyze.

  4. Zen1 says:

    This might be overkill but what about downloading the windows app for Wyze and then using Wineskin or Crossover to run it that way as a "second instance"

  5. By god I hate the romantics!

  6. It would be one of the greatest moments in Reddit's history if Redditors managed to crowdsource fire control and destroy Wagner. I'm not hopeful, but stranger things have happened

  7. Boston Bomber moment

  8. The 4000 has a built in virtual analog sythesizer, while the Solo and 5000 are sample-based playback (5000 is kind of a pain to edit the sound FX parameters on the device itself, a bit easier to use the app on computer)

  9. The Deschutes River is so funny to me, parts of it are so picturesque and symbolic of Oregon Nature, but then it runs right through the center of Bend and shopping malls

  10. So companies can't use Visa cards to buy ads on one website, yet how many porn sites directly accept payment by Visa from consumer?

  11. Can't decide whether I'm more excited for this or the TWV-2000 vst! MOAR EMULATION!

  12. On EVI-NER the "Mono" switch is for Monophonic vs Polyphonic (two), not Monaural vs Stereo (so it changes how the synth plays when you switch notes, not the qualities of the audio output)

  13. Abbott is pulling a Lukansheko move - “do anything I dislike and I’ll flood your states with immigrants”

  14. Stopping for hydration and vaporization

  15. "I love the taste of leather - ask me more!"

  16. Ahh, the Good Olde Days. I remember them dearly. Things are better today, but sometimes I think about how simple things were. Then I think about dial-up modems, grayscale, and 440K single-sided diskettes, and I wake up screaming!

  17. But was your screaming as loud as those modems when connecting?

  18. I think they're attempting to recommend you check the store listing via either the PS App for your phone or on your computer browser

  19. Even classical music has bridged the gap between singing and talking hundreds of years ago

  20. Thus the objectively correct quotes around 'invented', and the use of the word accidentally. lol 2 minutes in already knew this was coming.

  21. So you “knew it was coming” but you still bothered to post? What were you attempting to accomplish here?

  22. This isn’t sausage, it’s spam!

  23. Reminds me of an updated version of the 1990's AlphaSmart devices

  24. Shut up and take my money!

  25. While writing Mandingo 2: The Enslavening

  26. reminds me of the art on this beautiful album

  27. october is wayyyy too far away, you should have made the date like 3 days from now so theyd really feel pressured to decode it in time lmao

  28. Send him all the way to Merzbow!

  29. They DEFINITELY have texts about Jan 6th together

  30. Except for OP’s mom

  31. DDR but played with the controller buttons?

  32. Some parts of settings still redirect to energy saver even though it was replaced in big sur

  33. I have an M1 mac that CAME with Monterey installed but strangely it still has Energy Saver the file itself in /System/Library/PreferencePanes

  34. I imagine macs that don’t have removable batteries will still find these settings in Energy Saver

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