Any guesses?

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  1. I won’t, but genuine thank you for the reminder. 🫡

  2. As long as the right people make money and enough of it, who cares about everyone else, right?!

  3. That one s the worst. Trillions in debt and unlimited centralized supply.

  4. The way I sometimes lay/snap down my final card in Phase 10.

  5. Older apes… you ever see so many “errors” and “glitches” in the stock market before the past couple years?

  6. Forgot sharks with frickin lasers in the north waters

  7. Bznga was on at the pump when I filled up yesterday. 🤮

  8. I agree, but the average boomer investor thinks BTC is a scam and will lose their shit over it. Why? Because Jim Cramer told me so.

  9. I hope his day will come. If there is justice left in this world, it will.

  10. Found out gf had several fake social media accts she’d use to bully strangers and harass women she knew including my ex wife. Instant dump. 😒

  11. Yes. sexy in person, ugly bridge beast online

  12. It’ll come. I got one after about 5-6 weeks of playing, but none in the 5-6 weeks since.

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