1. As a man, I think I have had it a bit easier than if I had come from similar circumstances as a woman. But this is going to vary a lot.

  2. Make up, bras, and everything else on the list cannot change anything, it only enhances what is already there - falling back into the category of uncontrollable. They ‘boost’ appearance the same way a good hair cut + shave, nice fit, regular skin care and hygiene do. Which yes, I know men who use “lotions and potions” to wash their face and, some of of them their hair, without any stigma attached as it is basic cleanliness.

  3. I wonder if anyone has ever seen Robert Plant plant any of Robert Plant's Plants' plants?

  4. How many plants could a robert plants plant if a robert plants could plant plants

  5. REAL sourdough lasts 2 days; unless i run out of butter, then it lasts 2 days and 20 minutes.

  6. Well, Ireland is very relevant on the world stage. Maybe not politically, but culturally ? Absolutely.

  7. Republicans and Nationalists are the same thing in Ireland.

  8. Honestly, that's what I said but he said I was wrong for reasons that didn't leave me convinced that I was wrong, but i think it has something to do with your opinion on whether Northern Ireland is Irish if it's still British (nationalist) vs whether it has to be part of the Republic to be considered Irish (Republican). Something about "taking the Queen's shilling".

  9. Did you find the Ukrainian excuse convincing that it was a mistake?

  10. lol he's basically saying "we usually just vote against Israel by default, but in hindsight we've made a mistake in not reconsidering the realpolitik of doing that right now".

  11. The entirety of Australia's "Doof" music scene was started by Israelis who couldn't understand why Australians didn't have mesibot teva.

  12. IMO “goy” has the same weight as kushi or the N word. Do you know what “Shabbat goy” mean’s? It’s as saying you are lesser than me, so you can do what I cannot (because I am a saint)

  13. If you think they all have the same weight, why are you only censoring the one?

  14. And in typical southern whitewashing it will be called “candle cake” just like the rugelach is “fruit pastry” and challah is “braided bread”

  15. tbf, "ח"‎ isn't comfortable to pronounce for many anglophones.

  16. People always shit themselves over any sign of Jewish influence and predictably, they feel comfortable drawing the most wicked solutions to this problem.

  17. "Antisemitism" was invented so that German's could claim they didn't hate Jews (Judenhass) they just hated Jewish influence in politics, culture, and academia.

  18. Why secular Ashkenazi don't like Ashkenazi food?

  19. Despite the persistent rumours, most Ashkenazi Jews were dirst poor or poorer. Most traditional Ashke food is the best you can do with some tripe and gelatenised bones.

  20. The Arabs rebelled against the British and pressured them to ban Jewish immigration, which they did. The Palestinian leadership supported the Nazis and the final solution, and sought to make sure no Jew will be able to escape.

  21. "Definitive", such finality to that word....

  22. I'm a healthcare professional and the number of young people who respond to the question of if they smoke with "I use vapes" is astounding. So many people in their 20s or younger still who are hooked on what was designed to be nicotine replacement therapy but have never smoked a cigarette in their lives. And I don't understand why - if you never smoked cigarettes in the first place, why use a vape?

  23. FWIW I was talking to my neighbour's kid and his mates about vaping and all of them were saying they wanted to move off vapes and onto cigarettes because they preferred the "lung feel" of cigarettes over vapes.

  24. After the vape ban it is now easier to get the 50mg disposable vapes than it is to get 3mg juice from overseas for refillable tank vapes. The disposable vapes are much too strong and addictive, and its just turned into a giant fuckup by the government.

  25. I got a decent vape, nicotine salts and mix medium. A year's supply has cost me ~$250 and I get to control the amount of nicotine / flavour. No matter which flavour i used, it would coat the mouthpiece with a thick black tar. I stopped mixing flavour in, and there's no black residue anymore.

  26. We all know your follow up question... I accept it. I never said I credit him for only the good things. I just accept that there are certain things I can't understand.

  27. Hitler as the divine hand of god? That's a big yikes from me dawg....

  28. Come back in a few years and you'll see a brand new light rail system fully operational in Tel Aviv and a cool new spiral supertall skyscraper.

  29. I left like 7 years ago and people were saying the same thing.

  30. Just the other day I was wondering what ever happened to Nathan Cavaleri.

  31. Poland was one of the best places on Earth for Jews for hundreds of years until it really, really wasn't.

  32. i would be speaking german to my 13 year old self, and in german i can write and say it as one word,

  33. I feel like speaking German is basically cheating in this hypothetical.

  34. Noone has ever answered "yes" to the question "is pepsi OK?".

  35. My cousins are Parsi, previously from Shiraz.

  36. I see you've never seen the documentary, Super Mario Bros?

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