1. Anywhere that you have metal to metal contact during operation will wear like that. You'll notice it on the barrel and locking block as well

  2. Would using more oil reduce this wear or just something it’ll do regardless?

  3. No not really, I am not ashamed to say I shoot my Glocks dry. They get a couple drops of oil when I clean them, which is rare as well. Just look at it like your guns breaking in, you'll notice the same patterns on just about any other hand gun. Also if you're thinking about using high temp grease or are suggested to use it I'd think twice, I did that and it gums up all the debris and let's it roll around in the slide instead of shedding it like oil would do. Just keep shooting, it won't cut down on the longevity of the pistol whatsoever

  4. Thanks, yea I’m real happy with my choice for my first gun I’ll keep shooting and see what works for me

  5. Is it really that painful to just clean it after each range session? How often do you shoot?

  6. Not as often as I’d like maybe a box or two once every 2-3weeks. This is my first gun and I was curious as to what manufacturer recommends vs what gun owners recommend.

  7. I did the same thing as you, shot growing up then stopped cause I got busy. I had a mission craze and just picked it back up and started shooting again. I had to adjust the draw length and peep height but other than that ai did nothing.

  8. My family has one we use it for a Bible, that’s the only use I’ve ever known for it.

  9. I don’t think, just grip it and rip it (caution may lose a ball or two with this method)

  10. No thoughts just grip it and rip it

  11. I’m left handed but right eye dominant

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