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Sheriff deputy shoots and kills neighbors dog with a pellet gun. Please sign this petition to get him fired and send it to anyone who will sign. https://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/858/826/720/?taf_id=69477140&cid=sms#bbfb=191496265

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This sign is about two hundred yards from my daughter's school.

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  1. No one calls it’s that, except the the cowards that have legal reasons to avoid the law enforcement

  2. I follow the laws, pay my taxes, don't do any drugs or anything of the kind. Yet I am absolutely certain the police are the militarized arm of the state and the enemy of the people.

  3. In public bathrooms I just got in the habit of wiping down the seat first whether it needs it or not. Good way to check for tp before you sit down.

  4. I can't speak for flow simulation, but whenever this happens to a perfectly symmetrical part in other FEA it always comes down to meshing.

  5. The vibe of this guy makes me so damn happy changed from being a teacher.

  6. This video. But no one knows about it.

  7. Oh, good. Now I don't need to print them.

  8. It's not even our money we are giving to Ukraine. We're trillions in debt. We don't have money to give. We borrowed more from China that future generations of Americans will have to pay back.

  9. Well, I know what I'm doing this weekend.

  10. I just showed up here for someone to tell me how to cook chicken and there’s downvotes everywhere. Spicy.

  11. I'm disgusted at the dickheads in this thread saying it was a pitbull and deserved to be dead. It wasn't a fucking pitbull, stop being hysterical little bitches and

  12. Even if it was a pit... If the dog isn't aggressive, shooting it with anything is just cruel. More should come to this cop than losing his job. He's clearly not calm in stressful situations to handle being a cop. Also slap him with animal cruelty.

  13. He may hate his job. The only way to make this right is to find out what the cop loves and violently remove it from his life in front of him.

  14. This is a reddit unapproved opinion. You're not aloud to say that here.

  15. I use brake degreaser. Comes off with minimal amount of elbow grease. Doesn’t seem to hurt the stainless.

  16. All of the non-stainless parts would like a word with you.

  17. And people will still try to claim that the USA is just as bad as Russia and China.

  18. I'd love to see the same style chart with all of our (US) fuck ups and scandals. There's as much blood on our politicians hands as any in the world.

  19. There's a theory that everything will eventually evolve into crabs. Carcinisation is crazy.

  20. Bacon is a cured meat. It can last waaaaay longer than that in the fridge.

  21. Y'all need to stop being surprised by these premade meals.

  22. Bro I'm a poor person we can't really afford much else. And I never said I was surprised, I thouhtit was funny.

  23. Of all the low carb tortillas, this brand is by far the best.

  24. Side question that will likely get me down voted, is the child equally the "property" of the father? ie: does the father have a say in the situation at all? He will be held responsible if the child is born, but he is also not the pregnant one.

  25. He is also financially responsible without a say.

  26. For recipes, frozen avocados are your friend.

  27. I started with Sorceress. I love prog rock. That was the perfect intro for me.

  28. I had an F-701 for like five years. I used it everyday. About a year ago, I was at a restaurant and my brother asked to borrow my pen. That was the last time I saw it.

  29. I have a few suggestions for alternative names:

  30. It looks like a lot of things... Because it's boring and generic.

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