1. Man acted like he was running to celebrate with the fans...What a way to avoid catching a fade.

  2. They'll probably be fine. According to the Jesuit Centre for Theological Reflection, the food basket for a family of five is about €540 per month. Considering that most Zambian families don't even get that much money, they'll be fine for as long as they're not too prodigal.

  3. If you're in Africa, Mandarin. China is really gaining influence on the continent.

  4. He produced" taking a walk" by trippie redd too, js saying that production was phenomenal on that song

  5. Yeah, it's good to see his back producing music after losing his way... Hoping he can have a second run of banger after banger.

  6. I am currently unaware of your musical sensibilities so here are a few entry points.

  7. I really cannot disagree more with your Jazz category. I would never put Things Fall Apart as a number one choice. Give them Freestyle Fellowship, To Whom It May Concern.

  8. On the death penalty, it's more or less non-functional. Sure, people are sentenced to death for serious crimes but unless I'm forgetting certain cases, no execution has been carried out by our prison systems since Kaunda. They usually get reduced sentences or even full pardons. I have heard a few supporters of it say that certain dangerous people need to be put down if they become a public safety risk and show no signs of being recoverable. As to whether or not execution is an effective deterrent against would be offenders, I don't know.

  9. Since I already know what they'll be saying, might as well pick some well produced tracks;

  10. Nas and Common would have been a special one. Have no idea why it never went through...

  11. Kendrick, top 20 (probably top 10). Cole top 50.

  12. As a beginner I'm actually impressed. How long did it take to train the model?

  13. Not the same ones that you have in the west. Given the very high amounts of youth unemployment, a person that needs to earn extra pocket money is probably competing with someone who is supporting a family....

  14. They could, but I forsee people starting to fake their age and status simply to get those jobs...

  15. Rich Man's Food: Most fast food. Rice. Anything fleshy except fish.

  16. I’m curious where you are from since fast food is considered more of a poor family meal here !

  17. "Truthfully I wanna rhyme like Common sense But I did 5 mill, I ain't been rhyming like Common since."

  18. I think what he means is that others spit written freestyles while he can actually improvise on the spot.

  19. Apparently back in the seventies Zambia used to have really great traffic enforcement. That's been gone forever. Maybe time to bring it back.

  20. We had way fewer cars back then and institutions were incredibly strong. Now we have a road network that is insanely overburdened, weak institutions (police, and other government officials were underpaid, overworked and underappreciated. Their engagement to work must lie in the neighborhood of zero.) and a severe lack of human decency in this country.

  21. Why did I have to scroll this far down to get this opinion?

  22. Doesn't he advocate the opposite? As far as I remember he recommends people taking mediocristan professions, but the assymetries you're talking about are in the extremistan.

  23. IIRC, his interview on the James Altucher Podcast advocated for a barbell strategy with careers. Take a "lowly" job that can allow you to have some financial security while still maintaining your antifragility. Then in the evenings you can engage in speculative ventures like writing or art that will allow you to harness the effects of randomness.

  24. Video unavailable? Too bad because this looks like a good video.

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