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  1. Gusion rebake full city has massive parts mounted on his back, I dont think the armor would be a problem

  2. I'd eat that ass like a Chipotle burrito bowl (take my time but really savor the entire thing with extra ingredients) (only if they are of age and consent)

  3. I absolutely loved the scene when Goku fought Full Frontal with the Ball Norn Plan B Perfectibility Divine Luminous Destroy Mode

  4. Barbatos Lupus Rex:😐 The Cooler Barbatos Lupus Rex:

  5. Imagine Ad Stella is like 5000 years after Post Disaster and Suletta is a descendent of Mikazuki

  6. Wanna know who else has dementia? Wanna know who else has dementia?

  7. What kits did you use to make this? Amazing work

  8. I dont think its a kit since I can see some Barbatos parts in there.

  9. I don't know what you mean by Ez8 theme, but I get a "cold climate" kind of feeling, or possibly a simple military theme with the greys mixed in. Whatever it is, it's nice.

  10. Bandai could make a ton of money just by making MG IBO kits

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