1. Do you have quaxly? I can give you Sprig and Fue

  2. I already got one, but I can give you the other 2 starters to pave the kindness forward

  3. That’s very kind but I’ve just traded the two Quaxly I bred for the other two starters :)

  4. 12-12 for 20 sets/100 battles but 11-2 for guaranteed Miltank encounters and the increased shiny chance.

  5. Absolutely unplayable, Niantic should stop research tasks for everyone until this issue is fixed.

  6. They’re scared of it, that’s why they’re waiting as long as they can get away with (Hoenn Tour) to release it.

  7. Hi! I would trade the Happiny code for a GVM set!

  8. got it! sending happiny now

  9. That’s awesome! :) Let me know when you’ll be available to trade?

  10. Thanks! Are pictures on imgur usually public? I have the picture downloaded so you can delete it :) I’ll send you the shiny Eternatus code now.

  11. I posted it as hidden but I’ll delete it now. Thanks for the code! :)

  12. I have a set of GVM codes if you are still looking for one

  13. I accepted, let me know when you're heading into trade.

  14. I never got a Hundo beldum. I do have two 98%:

  15. Ultimately both but I’d start with the regular one because Mega Metagross will be better than shadow

  16. Whatever the reason, the trade was not possible, only disappointing.

  17. I think you need to hit the first friend level, if you had opened a gift or done a normal trade first it should have worked.

  18. I have a spare shiny Lotad from Pokémon Go. I'm interested in Clobbopus if it's legit.

  19. I got it in a trade but it seems legit to me. I can send you screenshots if you’d like.

  20. Congrats! I had the shadow on my nearby this morning. Took my bike to get there, no shiny. I wanted to catch it out of habit but then I decided against it to have the shadow still available for future shiny hunting.

  21. Why’s everyone interested in female salandit? How does it differ to the male one?

  22. I just picked up the game again recently after a few years and enjoyed the event today. It had me out and about all afternoon traversing other neighborhoods rather than sticking to the same loop in my own, and I got even a few shinies (including an Aerodactyl!).

  23. Actually stops with an already completed research habe a little checkmark in the upper right corner. It would be more concise if it was visible directly on the map though.

  24. J’ai un Mewtwo shiny de Pokémon Go mais je l’ai capturé en Let’s Go parce que c’est moins cher 😅 Ça t’intéresse quand même ?

  25. Just i cant find the fossils? I bring rapardos from go, looking for magnemite and shieldon

  26. Fyi there’s a fossil event happening in Go atm, Shieldon (and Cranidos) are everywhere right now. On Sunday there’ll be an event with increased shiny rates for both.

  27. I recently started this project as well. Pokémon Go and PLA are awesome for collecting Shinies because of their significantly higher shiny rate. You have to be patient with Go though because not every Pokémon is always available and you really depend on Niantic’s event schedule. This Sunday there’s an event with boosted shiny rates for Cranidos and Shieldon, hopefully I’ll be able to get some to avoid shiny hunting in PLA distortions.

  28. I have approached this from a few angles:

  29. For the rare tree/ore Pokémon I learned that they will spawn exactly the same Pokémon again if you go in a cave (needs to be one that loads a separate map) and just wait there for 30 minutes. That's how I got from 7 to 15 Nosepass in a day.

  30. While I would usually play the event out of habit I’ll be staying at home playing PLA during the event hours today. I don’t want to do tasks from stops that can potentially give me a Chansey quest later on. #priorities

  31. Not necessarily - Gamefreak started shiny locking back in Black and White. It's been in place ever since then. As for why, nobody really knows.

  32. Actually even before, the Manaphy egg from Pokémon ranger was shiny locked on the safe file it was transferred to. If you got a shiny it would simply re-roll the PID until you get a non shiny. It was possible to avoid the shiny lock though by trading the egg to another game and hatching it there, I got a shiny thanks to RNG manipulation that way :)

  33. You waited til after finishing the whole story and postgame to answer one of the FIRST requests?! You maniac!

  34. Same here though. The request doesn’t trigger until you talk to him again which I never did until I started perfecting all the dex entries and was wandering about one of Cascoon’s tasks.

  35. Soon alpha Bidoof, it’s at level 95 atm. I put it on my team for the path of solitude side quest. I might already be able to win the fight but I’ll let it reach level 100 anyway.

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