1. This video is good for only 2 think;

  2. Do you know who wrote that contradicting lore back in the Bungie days? If so, it makes a lot of sense why there’s inconsistencies and why 343 decided to go with a retcon from the main ground work Bungie laid down. His name rhymes with Frankie O’Connor

  3. Yes only one guy wrote the terminals. He was entirely alone, it's not like there was team dedicated for that part of the game alone and it's not like it would have to be approved by higher ups. No Frankie,a rogue developer, did that all alone.😂

  4. Him being alone is my point. If there were a team, I’m sure there would have been some sort of damage control.

  5. Appreciate it man, took a while to decide what paintjob I wanted so glad people like it

  6. I really like the stripe down the middle. It reminds me of how the Mark 6 could have one back in H3’s multiplayer

  7. Because OP’s teammates all have default stuff implying that they’re new, which they typically are

  8. Yes, but we’re talking about a Halo movie. Or more importantly, a proper Halo interpretation

  9. Agreed. If anyone is wondering about how different anniversary is from the original, I recommend watching this. There’s a lot more going on than just new graphics

  10. Bro, this is just Noodle putting out his opinion just like me. Y'all need to stop spamming this link like it's evidence for something. There's nothing objective about his claims except the collision/hitbox stuff.

  11. Not trying to argue, but there is a difference between opinion and fact. Yeah he state his opinion a lot, but he also explains how anniversary has gameplay differences due to the overlayed graphics

  12. honestly, and i'll admit i actually didn't know that those were remasters. i thought that's what they really looked like, and i was constantly questioning it given the age of the game. it was even worse when i started halo 3 and suddenly the graphics "downgraded."

  13. Ha I can see how that could be really confusing. I’m a self proclaimed CE purist, and I do my best to encourage everyone to play CE the original way because I think it’s a vastly superior version.

  14. i've watched that vid before, he perfectly points out the sins of the remaster. i am also a self proclaimed ce purist like you, ever since i turned off the remastered graphics. also everything in the remaster is just viciously overdesigned.

  15. Middle row second from the right. The attachment on it just got rid of its goggle things

  16. The OG transformers from the 80s. I wasn’t around then, but I have fond memories of going to the movie rental place and getting VHS‘s of it

  17. I believe the white stripe s are supposed to represent the towers, so from a artistic perspective, I think it looks better with it

  18. The worst part about the Hayden/ Ewan fight was we already saw almost the same fight on Rebels. It was too similar to Twilight of the Apprentice.

  19. 100% agree. I couldn’t even enjoy that moment in kenobi because I just kept thinking how this exact scene was done so much better already in rebels

  20. How is it possible that a kids cartoon was able to deliver a more emotionally impactful scene than a live action show with trained actors? They really dropped the ball with Kenobi.

  21. You shouldn't play CE on Anniversary mode.

  22. 100% agree. Anniversary graphics completely ruin the game’s atmosphere and should be a war crime

  23. Aw man, that’s sad to hear :( you may already know this, but there is a gameplay difference. in anniversary graphics, the reach models don’t line up well with the CE hit boxes, so a lot of shots look like they go straight through enemies.

  24. WOW! It looks great when it has a visor, it sometimes feels like they forgot to give the helmet a visor during its finalisation. With the visor it looks like a cool Transformer

  25. I’ve got a spare you can have, but I’m not really near a beach, so it might be a bit of a drive. But you’re welcome to it.

  26. That’s really generous, but we’ve gotten it taken care of. Thank you though!

  27. Thought you wouldn’t notice😂😂 this gave me a great laugh

  28. I’m the one that suggested this sub. Though, you could’ve posted here already and I just didn’t see it

  29. I un-ironically love them! I genuinely think some helmets look better with them

  30. I don’t know what this picture has to do with the topic, but I like your Spartan

  31. I used it because I could make a deceptive comparison.

  32. That’s Mark IV, which is the superior version of Mark V.

  33. No? That’s a Mark V alright. The one from Halo 3 multiplayer

  34. I like the chunkiness because it seem more tank-like to me

  35. CE only because the gap on the brim annoys me It's like if someone cut the middle third out of a baseball cap

  36. I know this is just your opinion and I’m doing my absolute best not taking this super personally

  37. I should have stated that I don’t personally dislike daft punk. Just their dumbass helmets. Fucking eva lookin ass mother fucker

  38. I’ve never cared much for EVA, but I want to support it now in spite of this

  39. Why are people down voting you? Yeah they got similarities, but they do have different designs

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