1. I want Albie to find out that Lucia is a prostitute and slept with his dad.

  2. I agree. I don't think this show is that deep in terms of every thing is a lot bigger and will unfold at the end.

  3. I just discovered his videos. It's been interesting to watch his life unfold. I disagree with those calling him too unhinged to watch.

  4. I remember samples being pushed on the customers. And the person who said they still are being pushed, but are now incentives - well that kind of goes against what the op is saying.

  5. Are there any celebs rallying with her to bring more attention to this article? Or is she fighting this alone, which will make it even harder to get her name out it.

  6. Because it’s the internet where nothing matters and all the facts are made up.

  7. This is the answer. I'm really interested in how they assumed Amazon Whole Foods is a bust? I live in California and Amazon has opened a lot of whole food/prime grocery stores. With more locations opening soon.

  8. I feel like Rammstein would use these images for their album art or for a music video lol.

  9. I actually liked Harper from the start. I like the contrast of her personality against Daphne's . I felt Ethan was a bit dull, and seen how he had an emotional wall up toward Harper.

  10. Actors I would like to see on White Lotus: Denis O'Hare, Regina Hall, Gillian Anderson, Julianne Moore, Jeffrey Wright, Don Cheadle, Jessica Lange, Steve Carell, Mya Rudolph, Regina King, etc.

  11. This is my take on why Harper didn't immediately ask about the condom wrapper: I take in the account that she's a lawyer. So she's questioning him, giving him the chance to admit his "crime". She kept the evidence (condom wrapper) eventually leaving it out in the open in the bathroom.

  12. I loved this episode so much, probably my favourite so far apart from one thing - when Lucia(?) is in the sea with Albie and Mia asks if she has a viagra in her hand, they shout at each other and can’t hear and so Mia just… runs away. Like wtf, you weren’t even at the shoreline… just take five steps forward and you would have been able to hear lol. Maybe she couldn’t get those raggety ass shoes wet (her outfit this ep was criminal lol).

  13. That scene annoyed me lol. I thought they both could've stepped closer to one another. It became obvious what was about to happen next with Mia & the piano singer.

  14. Timothée Chalamet + KeKe Palmer Olivia Wilde + Zayn Malik

  15. I tried it like once as a kid, but can't remember if I liked it or not. I'm tempted to try it now, just found some at my local Grocery Outlet Bargain Market store for like $3.99

  16. When I was a little girl I had a crush on Tommy. I remember being so sad that his Power Ranger toy was sold out at both K.B. toys & Toys -R-Us.

  17. I agree, I would like to see those type of black characters be part of the main cast.

  18. Does this also mean no interracial couples allowed?

  19. This really worthy of a post? For people that hate the Kardashians they def get posted alot for the most basic shit they do

  20. And that is why they have yet to fade into oblivion.

  21. Well, it's definitely over then. Even if another network renewed we've lost Travis Fimmel.

  22. I work in the entertainment industry an a lot of actors film multiple projects back to back. If there are no conflicts in schedule and they don't mind not having a break in between, then they usually do it.

  23. Since HBOMax canceled Raised by Wolves, I think I'll wait til a few seasons of this airs before I get invested again.

  24. If I was dating a guy and he showed me The Boys, I would be thrilled that we could discuss our love for the show. It's one of my favorite series.

  25. Kathy Griffin gets headlines for fucking with Elon Musk which is exactly what she hoped for

  26. An exactly what Elon Musk hoped for. He's loving all the attention (good or bad). It gives him more things to tweet about.

  27. Now I have the "Psycho Dad" theme song in my head.

  28. How do we redeem this? I don’t see it in the app anywhere

  29. Mine was listed in my "Browse featured offers" section. But it listed near the end of the offers.

  30. Log into Verizon's site in your mobile browser. From there, click the Use Now button on the Starbucks reward, and it opened in the Starbucks app for me.

  31. Thank you. It worked when I logged into Verizon via mobile browser.

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