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  1. Will this be better than Nami Burn e 2? Cost similar.

  2. I just ordered my eleven+. $2111 USD shipped, including $50 seat add on for the lolz.

  3. Man, I really wish they made a 20x4.0 fat tire version of this!

  4. $35 CAD/2 hours, then +$10 CAD/hour after. $250 CAD deposit.

  5. That’s my thing with these scooters, where do you get parts and do you have to wait 3 months to get them??

  6. The place you bought it. No they airmail parts except battery

  7. Looks like some weak trail. Most scooters are like that nowadays tho

  8. I sunny know why they do that, very unstable.

  9. A vsett 10+ from revrides is closest maybe.

  10. Yes. because it impacts more than just the money you spend on filling your car. It impacts prices of everything through increased shipping cost, increased price of plastics and every other related oil products, battery and solar technology, and increase in other fuel prices like propane, etc.

  11. Looks like sunset park, Seattle, WA :) Hi neighbor!

  12. Like pulling back on a dog's leash, it makes them more aggressive

  13. I heard of you finger their butthole they calm down.

  14. It’s almost like Vader was trying to console obi wan by saying that he did this himself and that obi wan had no part in destroying anakin

  15. This got me right in the gut. I really felt the whole tragedy of it all- right then and there. Moreso than the movies.

  16. I use the lightest downhill MTB helmet from ixs. I have ece rated motorcycle helmets for anything over 40mph+ capable.

  17. Someone always comes along to do some math about how solar on a vehicle isn’t worth it but if you are stranded in a sunny area or you may have only gotten 1 mile of range from those solar panels. That mile of range suddenly becomes incredibly invaluable.

  18. Why not just have a bicycle you bring for trips? Even a tiny foldable one.

  19. Because when you’re stranded in dangerous conditions leaving the vehicle is usually the worst thing you can do

  20. I've heard that too, I think that's if you're lost though.

  21. Ah I'm jealous. I think if I could test ride them both just once I'd immediately know which was a better fit for me. But hearing from someone who has actually helps a lot.

  22. I think the x class is very nice and refined feeling. You can put upright handlebars if you want a position like the d class.

  23. Hey I know it's 2 months later, but did you end up going with one of these? I'm in the same boat (used D Class since they are out of stock)

  24. I test rode them, the xclass 52v it's much better I think. Feels like more power and less weight

  25. Don't worry my fuzzy little man peach, wheelies are easier with us riding 2 up ;)

  26. I'd want to swap the coil shocks for nicer air shocks. It's also going to be bigger than you expect.

  27. If you just want a different angle I would suggest that you look for a adjustable angle bicycle stem. It should be a standard size same as the ones that are used in bicycles

  28. Sadly that won't make much difference.

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