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  1. Ahah yeah all liberals hate families and kids amirite guyz?

  2. Yeah it isnt like there are tons of gay/lesbian coupled whod love to have a family and kids but arent allowed to.

  3. Howd you feel if i asked you to stop blinking? It's a tick they dont have control over it. Just ask him to not bump ur desk with their leg

  4. Well well well if it isnt the consequences of my actions

  5. I wish there was a "show weapon's original name with legendary" option in the game.

  6. Will forever be Start and Select!

  7. Barely. It sounds like something a 12 year old would say after trying to make up curse words.

  8. The point is now every news source is gonna be talking about it when you're 100% right it sounds like a 12year olds insult. That's literally the point

  9. Lookin good but get a bigger tv for ur room. How u see that from ur bed from so far away?

  10. There’s also the age old trick of eating a banana really fast and chugging sprite. Worked for me every time I wanted to get out of a double. It looks like your puking without the feeling of heaving.

  11. English is not my first language and I failed to understand the first question...

  12. English is my first language and i dont get it either

  13. Yeah can't fathom how people miss that this is an obvious joke

  14. Most ppl dont care about cars so they dont surround themselves in car memes lol


  16. poppers and viagra is deadly ???!

  17. Yep, they both lower your heart rate so taking both can lower to dangerous lvls

  18. You have to click to see the full size image, there are two photos on the desk, including the baby in the hat. It's the same picture.

  19. Damn, my brain hates being around ppl so much fight or flight kids in lol

  20. Start acting like you're jerking it while very obviously staring at them. When they look at you wave with your free hand while still acting like your jerking it. Im an American so idk which hand yall use but this would be your best solution. Either they leave or they do infact ask you to join.

  21. Diamond has several properties that make it objectively valuable for certain (industrial) applications. Growing synthetic diamond is an hugely expensive process, especially for bigger parts. The bottom line for natural diamond prices would be similar to that, anything higher would be market value resulting from desirability (not to be underestimated, though).

  22. Why are you being downvoted? You right lol. The more rare something is the more valuable something is. Potato chips are cheap but i bet if i found one that looked just like some famous person itd be worth more than the normal chips.

  23. -stands still while fully scoped in trying to track a moving target- WhY iS tHiS So HarD?

  24. It's for balance my dude. 2 handers are strong as fuck so why would you want them to be stronger lol

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