1. Yeah sugargoo insurance is a scam ngl a pair of mines missing and they try their best to shift the blame when the scenario still falls under the insurance

  2. Back tab too dark should be a lighter cream. It's no big deal imo.. And these are sleepers I don't think anybody will notice at all

  3. Might just be lighting cause I’m looking at different pictures of these in hand comparing them to retail and I can’t really spot that out

  4. each haul I see makes me more sad that customs took mine and sugargoo won't refund me even though I had insurance :(

  5. those muslin 3's look damn near flawless. the only flaw i see is the tall suede mudguard, but it really isn't that noticeable. i have a retail pair, and after seeing a couple other people post this same pair in hand, im probably gonna sell them and cop a rep pair for myself 🙏🏽

  6. They're nice. Great for the price. Hit or miss tho with that batch. And no refunds or returns

  7. A lot better than I assumed it would be for the price. Materials aren’t thin and the paint/pigment has held up really well.

  8. About the same quality tbh. I think the highs are only so cheap because they have left over stock that they’re trying to get rid of.

  9. yessir i have 2 6kg hauls on the way, will post full review

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