1. Y’all will seriously drink the koolaid till the whole crypto world literally hits 0 huh 🤣

  2. It’s true. Tether has not lost its peg. The exchanges are showing at slightly lower price due to their cost of the exchange.

  3. You might wanna check on tether bud lmfao

  4. I’ve explained to you why. You need to stop asking everyone else and accept that this is on you being to clingy and you need to move on and stop focusing on him and fix this dependency issue that you have

  5. That’s your problem. You have an unhealthy obsession with him. And you’ll develop this again with your next boyfriend if you don’t sort this issue out, by yourself, or with a therapist, and fix this mentality

  6. Man I was waiting for him to get stuck and/or flip on his side lol. Slightly disappointed

  7. I see you too are a man of culture

  8. Glad to see this sub is just as insufferably immature as ever…whatever…keep overwatering her and kill her for all I care. It’s your shitty grow, not mine

  9. Bro I told you to stop overwatering, which is your problem. Your title made it seem like you’re doing nothing wrong and that the plant is just doing these things by itself and that’s not the case. It’s you causing the problems…just like you are in these replies now too…

  10. You’re drowning it…look at the soil dude…it’s literally mud…

  11. It’s revegging…either you don’t have the lights on 12/12 or there is a light leak at night causing this

  12. Is this Freakshow? What’s up with the non-serrated fingers?

  13. It’s revegging because of a light leak or his light schedule being off

  14. Or just fucking discipline him…like an actual parent…

  15. There’s other ways to discipline a child, but ya. This one needed a public spanking to be frank Lol

  16. So ya, he’s dead if this is real


  18. You’re the type of person who finds things wrong with literally everything aren’t you. Shut up and enjoy the clip

  19. There really is nothing like lord of the rings music.

  20. It’s not even hyperbole to say that this is genuinely one of the best scores ever created. For any movie, ever. Howard Shore is a musical genius

  21. You Formula E fans get so mad when someone says they don’t like your sport Lol. Sorry, I clearly hit a very sensitive nerve…

  22. Christ you F1 fans get so mad when Formula E just appears in your feed. Looks like FE clearly hit a very sensitive nerve...

  23. I follow the formula 1 sub for formula 1 content. God forbid we stick to the topic of the subs on this website right?

  24. I duel a lot, only 1% of people chug when they start losing, and its toxic every time.

  25. So if it’s 1% of the people why are you making a post bitching about it instead of just moving onto the next duel like a normal person 🙄🤦🏻‍♂️

  26. Heh, I only posted this because I IM'd the person and told them I'd post their toxic behavior to reddit.

  27. Dude…this is the equivalent of tattling on someone to the teacher in grade school…reddit isn’t some all powerful god that is going to punish them…grow up and move on

  28. "I blame my lack of sense of humour on everyone else" plz leave

  29. Y’all are seriously insufferable on this sub now. Stop replying to me with pure asshole comments and I’ll leave…you don’t have to reply if you don’t find it funny…the comment is hidden. Which means you have to go out of your way to read it and reply…

  30. The one who is insufferable is you. This is a public comment section ...if you wanted to just teply to op...dm him. Your initial statement was moronic which ppl pointed out...and now you are mad about it blaming the community when you are clearly the issue and dont belong here.

  31. Because it’s literally everyone EXCEPT the OP that has a problem with what I said. You all are the problem here. It’s unbelievable the moronicism. I’ll delete the comment. Can you please fuck off now. Jesus Christ do you have any friends? Go away

  32. CNN + was their streaming subscription service they launched last month which literally only catered to this insane woke mob that has been proven through numerous mass surveys that they’re a very small segment of the population. Less than 9%. And because they content solely catered to them, it died and they took it off line already…a month after it released lmfao

  33. First time I got this far tbh, like I said, I wasn't prepared for it. Also I made it harder but not using the thing (you know which, and I only learned about it after defeating him)

  34. Well you only get it after defeating him too Lol so not like you could’ve used it this fight. It’s for fighting him in ng+ and onward. Good job though. He’s a bitch to fight for sure. I hate and love his attack he does to you that the thing protects you from. His chants during it are so fucking badass. But it wrecks you lol

  35. Oh I thought you got it from him. I’m on ng+4 so it’s been a while Lol. Just looked it up and you’re right. Anyways, you got it for next time 🤷🏻‍♂️👌🏼

  36. How fuckin baked are you right now Zeus

  37. Lmfao I don’t smoke anymore but good job trying to insult me by going back into my post history. Try again dumb dumb

  38. You can lie to me, but you can't lie to Jesus. Only people who are high (or simple) leave comments about how much they personally don't care. People who aren't high as fuck just leave, because they have better things to do, like operating heavy machinery.

  39. Y’all are a bunch of children on this sub…do you really not have anything better to do? I don’t like a video game that you like…so now you gotta spend your time trying to insult and troll me? Lmfao. Grow up

  40. I’ve got a thrustmaster sf1000 wheel and even I want to make the switch to fanatec. Sure thrustmaster is coming out with a dd but they’re dragging their feet with the release and it’s so annoying so I’m saving up for an all fanatec set up. They’re just better in every way. I wish they would make a formula wheel with a screen though like the sf1000 that’s my only gripe

  41. Why would you not just get a fanatec dd? Using this on a ts-xw is a travesty. Just save up and get one of the cheaper fanatec dds literally made for this wheel

  42. Wait, are you actually being serious? I can't tell anymore.

  43. Yes dude he clearly says “Mikey” but apparently everyone else cant hear this so I get the downvotes. Idc it’s not a big deal. I’ve moved on

  44. Not only does he not say Mikey, he even articulates the l ridiculously clearly

  45. https://www.sportsfule.com/2021/12/12/this-is-the-footage-of-toto-wolff-yelling-no-mikey-no-no-mikey-at-masi/

  46. I like her better in silver good job

  47. People like that never learn though

  48. This is also very true. He’ll just try it on someone who’s alone and looks weaker next time probably, unfortunately

  49. Bet you he never tries that again lmfao

  50. Roger's gone from storm veil. I think he goes to roundtable once I beat godrick

  51. No. Y’all just complain too much.

  52. It’s not a console or PC thing Lmfao you don’t have the right whetstone

  53. It’s not enough. You must be eaten as well after he has skewered you.

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