1. It isn't a crime to show contempt in a not threatening way to police is it?

  2. I bookmarked your site and will browse around every morning just because you don't have annoying pop ups and life stories. This will be my go to blog for new recipe ideas forever. Thank You

  3. Really? The age difference doesn't seem creepy to me regardless of genders.

  4. Let's say 1 person was strapped to a gurney until they waiting 9 months, because it was suspected they would murder their neighbour before they migrated to France in 9 months...

  5. Two questions, but more about just curiousity into your point of view rather than trying to change it...

  6. Mask mandate, I'm not entirely opposed, I think the initial mandate before vaccines came out and the threat level was higher and also not clear, was the right move and I wore a mask too. I'm in the UK, so I think the police stops when driving down the road to get groceries, or going a walk, etc.... was excessive.

  7. There are reasons for a conservative who values small government to be in favor of a right to abortions.

  8. Yes. And the “Vote No” campaign in Kansas focused heavily on the fact that the government shouldn’t be sticking its nose in such a personal and invasive issue. (This worked because it’s red-state libertarian thinking. But hey, whatever works!)

  9. Perhaps something similar could be done by targeting churches.

  10. Who considers Eminem the first big white rapper? If anything that title should go to Vanilla Ice. He's considered a joke now, but he was a massive star in the early 90s and arguably one of the people who helped make rap mainstream.

  11. Plus, back then if you wanted to be a big rapper you had to learn how to dance. It was way harder back in the day.

  12. If the topic is forced inclusivity for the benefit of woke credits at the expense of quality programming and actual social change, I assume all movies/tv programming is the context.

  13. put simply, it is a an ok pitch to throw, if thrown properly. throwing a curveball properly at that age is extremely difficult due to having to have very deliberate control of your arm and what usually happens is added strain on the elbow because the rotation is side to side, rather than your more advanced 12-6 or 11-7 curve

  14. You kinda have to intentionally throw it improperly don't you? If I just put my arm to my side naturally, my wrist is pretty much in the proper position for a curve. It's neutral.

  15. so what typically happens, is when kids throw curveballs, is that instead of throwing it properly with fully developed ligaments and muscles and bones, the drop their arm angle and force the curve by heavy wrist rotation, which causes much additional strain on the elbow.

  16. You can't vote Walmart employees out of the company unless you're a shareholder (maybe). You can vote government employees out.

  17. Try voting your local dog catcher, DMV employee or county clerk out of his or her job. You will find that they are in the most iron clad of unions. They can never be fired.

  18. So run for office and remove them. There is no law stopping you.

  19. You don’t see the difference between ejaculating in women and then afterwards deciding they are on their own with it, and following the legal procedures to hand over a child you are unable to care for to the correct authority?

  20. Not agreeing with the person you're talking to, just making an observation.

  21. A distrust and general disrespect towards wall street money managers is strongly shared across the right and the left (although they take different paths to get there).

  22. Thousands of ordinary Americans are imprisoned abroad every year. Why should this person get a reaction when others do not?

  23. Not to mention the person has political views that potus likes.

  24. It's not inherently hypocritical to not apply one's principles to every scenario or problem. In fact, it's good that we don't since that's binary thinking, and almost always nuance is better than binary logic.

  25. If he's responsible for them going up, he's responsible for them going down.

  26. But if we're following that logic, wouldn't it mean Biden chose to increase gas prices before he decided to lower them?

  27. They were criticizing the phrase for being shallow. I don't see how that even implies their feeling on respect. Did you reply to the wrong person?

  28. They said that respect is earned not given is a shallow sentiment. But I think the phrase would apply perfectly to Trump...since he demanded respect but has never earned it.

  29. Ah, yeah, there are a couple of interpretations that might have some truth to them, but when a phrase is that mutable, it's hard to know what somebody actually means when they say it.

  30. True, for sure it's more about the person who is saying it than the actual statement

  31. We are just about 50/50 men/women in the US. Women could simply watch women's sports more and buy more of their merchandise. But, they choose not to.

  32. That isn’t the only reason that people don’t watch womens sports. There is a constant, never ending barrage of criticism when you watch certain womens sports, most notably womens basketball. People don’t care if you say you watch womens tennis, womens soccer they’ll be like eh ok, hell even womens UFC is pretty popular, but the moment you mention that you watch the wnba it’s like people cannot physically stop themselves from droning on and on about how much they don’t like the wnba, how much worse it is than the nba, etc etc. and this is directed at both men and women that watch the wnba and certain other womens sports. A lot of people don’t like being mocked about something that they enjoy, so it discourages them from watching/participating.

  33. Thanks for the reply - I hadn't considered the stigma with watching WNBA before; and I think you're right.

  34. It was explained up-thread somewhere. They have very fine silky fur and the dirt slides right off.

  35. Well, mice and rabbit both share 2 things in common. Constant grooming and they live in dens. Dens aren't full of loose dirt. But all the same they spend half of their day grooming. Not because they care how they look, but because a clean coat works better as insulation in the winter and to keep you cool in the summer, and whiskers are SUPER sensitive and work best clean.

  36. What about moles? They aren't in dens all day, but rather are digging fresh tunnels. Why isn't their fur covered in dirt?

  37. That is how it works now. It's not as if one individual executive was solely responsible for a companiy's llegal activities he'd get a pass.

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